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dragoncon 2004 pictures

This is a small selection of the over 700 pictures we have.

and a few I just want to point out:
All of us, with the Grandpa Head jacket and Ninsi's boobs dominating the group.

Ninsi and a Zorro? guy. He was with Jessica Rabbit, who was also the blonde bellydancer. I have a picture of Jessica Rabbit when I'm in my Kyle Wylie (is that who I was, Ninsi?) stage, but I didn't post it.

It's good to be a Grandpa Head

This one got a lot of "What character is she?"

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When did Ninsi get that vinyl outfit! I love that.

That was the awesome outfit I bought at Shades of Grey instead of a corsette. I hinted about it a few times. Never did get around to the red and black tulle skirt by itself, but it's bunched up under there, to give that nice little pouffiness to it.

Curt Wild. *sigh*
Don't make me force you to watch Velvet Goldmine!

knats: 'the girl next to the broad with the silver face looks alot like L____.'

zero: 'that is L____.'

knats: 'what the hell was she doing at D*C?'

zero: 'she's dating donut.'

knats: 'oh. right.'

hope you all had a grand time.


i accept that i am a dead man for not recognizing ninsi jolsen in silver-face.

i will atone by having lunch with zero.



Hmm, so far nobody wins the "most embarassing picture" award.

we're still working on the most embarassing picture nominees, first we must compile embarassing phots, and then we will post for voting. (at least that's my suggestion).

Damn, I think the "Tourchered Souls" (Hellraiser) lookin' characters looked pretty bad ass. Dig the lil' predator. And best of all "The Maxx"! Can't beleive someone actually wore one of the Fruits Basket hats! I'm guessing that is Laura? (Is that her name?). The Grandpa head jacket is freakin' awesome! What I'd say about how ninsi looks would probably get me in trouble, so I won't! :) lol.

I hope to see more pictures soon. Looks like a good time.


I dunno "Mr. Wearing a Duck on his head" is pretty embarrassing. What did we decide his Nickname was anyway? Oh yeah "Hidden Gerbil" though I don't remember why.

hidden gerbil unfortunatly was not on the original vote, and seriously, do you think he can be embarassed. same reason i didn't vote for monkey or donut, any embarassing pics of them, are more likely to make them proud.


Surely there's a "look, Zero's passed out in a (insert embarassing object here)" picture.

no, but there are a few very rosey looking zeros and one of him looking pretty ghey while poking/pointing at hidden gerbil, then there's the one where he looks like he's coming to get whoever took the picture, in a very hulk like pose...


Yeah the one of me where I'm apparently "talking with my hands" is a not to great, I don't remember the other one.


wow...the hellraiser group was pretty hardcore looking. i'm impressed.
you all looked lovely as well, particularly ninsi.

now seriously you guys.

how do you forget why you start calling someone 'hidden gerbil'?

was the guy a bone smuggler or not?



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