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Public Service Announcement

I received an email today from Blogstapo Returnswithavengence, I copy it here in its entirety for you all:
"the blogstapo would like to inform all members of the WDWitEU that the
blogstapo is very unsatisfied with infrequent postings. while
WDWitEU only requires weeky posts. blogstapo requires more. the
blogstapo will pester those who post too infrequently. this initial
communication is sent to the all powerful phlome so that he may share
this information with the rest of the WDWitEU so that they may
consider themselves warned.


please share the above communication with the WDWitEU.

--theblogstaporeturns withavengance"

Do with it what you will. The Blogstapo is bored I think, so I'd recommend trying to get in at least two postings per calendar work week.

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Uh oh. Looks like I'll be posting about post-its.

You'd better find something to post about. While you're discussing, the Blogstapo may have to take on all those slackers who are failing to comment or reply in the Netflix forum.


I don't use Netflix...


P, what I am about to say is true yet must remain confidential.

I dreamt of a field of free range unicorns. They seemed normal from the vantage point of my uncles thatched roof. One of the females walked towards the hut and I became disturbed noticing that her horn was a large phallus.

I ran.

Alone in the woods the cramps began. I quietly found a dark place and took down my pants to relieve my stomach pains.

What came out was a rather large horn of crap. The crap was hard like a hat made of thick leather. It was the size of a cob of corn. I pulled on it and it came out/off revealing another smaller horn inside, just like a set of russian nesting dolls. I keep pulling until their was nothing but a small phallus.

This is the end. It was very disturbing.

I dont think the Netflix forum is worth the Blogstapo's time. I mean really, think about it.

yes anon, i can see how one would be disturbed by dreaming of unicorns with giant phalli for horns, and pooping horns full of nested russian phalli.

are you russian? do you know any russians? do you have any faberge eggs? have you ever dreamt of faberge eggs? chocolate eggs? cadbury eggs? ostrich eggs?

these questions may seem trivial and unimportant, but in the context of dreams, who knows what's important and what isn't?

what's your favorite color in real life?

more importantly, do you floss regularly?


Whose dream was that? Just because of the unicorn thing, I could guess, but I can't imagine that's the person. Weird.

And Hag, the Netflix forum has become more about movies in general.


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