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Sickness Head

I was officially diagnosed last night as having the ailment 'sickness head.' Ninsi seems to think it is a most dire and dread malady. I think that's being a little dramatic. At worst, I had a fever of just over 100. That broke around midnight, and now Im just phlegmy.

Probably busy most of the day. I think I have to get some hardware and run to the Infomart. Which is pretty cool looking inside, but not that great on the outside. The weekend will be spent resting, more or less. And watching football. More football than rest, I suspect.

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Versus Phlomey?

sorry everybody but someone had to say it.


Dammit Bun, you beat me to it.

Would it be wrong of me to explain why he got diagnosed w/ sickness head? Is it funnier with or without the explanation. Well, here it goes, if you don't like it, phlome can delete it.

He was complaining about feeling weird or ickey or something along the lines of it not making sense. So I said; "That's because you have...sickness...head." That's what happens when ninsi tries to say 3 things at once, and all the wires get crossed. Intended statements were:
1)You have a fever.
2)You're sick.
3)You have a head cold.
In other words, the reason things don't make sense is because his head/mind is being affected by his illness settleing in his which includes syptoms such as a fever and general stuffiness.

Either way, sickness head explains it quite well.

and he's a tard for saying the infomart isn't much to look at fromt he outside, go over to my page, I'm posting a pic of this building, that's not much to look at...tard...


do you realize - all of you - that just by playing with punctuation you can make 'sickness head' into many, many things...all of them different?

some more suggestive than others mind you...


dammit. bunny beat me to it.

ah, sigh, working nights can be such a drag...


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