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They grow back?

A girl I work with had her tonsils taken out about thirteen years ago. This was supposed to, among other things, prevent strep throat infections from occurring. She came down with strep last week. And next week, she is getting her tonsils taken out, again. Because they have grown back. I do not know how common that is, but apparently, they didn't quite get all of them the first time, and so over the last thirteen years, they have rebudded, and grown back in completely.

Oh, and Ryan's is having a 'mexican butfet' every 'wednes' after 4pm. Go get some Butfet. I'm sure it's crunchy or something.

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I believe that may be the first time your page has made me laugh out loud. Loudly.


I downloaded some Pirate Metal in honor of talk like a pirate day. Yes, Pirate Metal.

i must say that TLAPD couldn't have been very popular a holiday.

i travelled cross-country via jet. spent considerable time in two airports, and nary a 'HAAARRR' was heard.

the whole time.

we must though, make it a point to honor TLAPD next year.

Might I suggest a party at shady manor?

Preferably while zero is on a cruise - so that more people have a chance to sit in the gaming chair, or pass out on his bed, or find their hat under his bed. or whatever.



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