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Wedding weekend

The weekend was packed. My younger brother got married Saturday, so Ninsi and I went to OK for the big thing. The Squid, and her cousin, were candlelighters for the ceremony, and her other cousin was an Usher.

We arrived Friday at my older brother's house and changed clothes for the rehearsal. Everyone made it to the church on time, except the bride and groom. The bride was harried, to say the least. Acutally, she evoked visions of the tv show 'Bridezilla' more than anything. Six Bridesmaids, six groomsmen, a pair of ushers, a pair of candlelighters, the ever more popular four sets of parents, and sundry other relatives and guests. It was quite a production. Rehearsal dinner was at "Pete's Place'. One of the Italian restaurants in Krebs. Ninsi managed to let herself get pulled into setting up the projector so that the happy couple's video could be shown to everyone at dinner. It didn't go very well, but she did persevere beautifully.

The wedding was supposed to begin at 6 pm on Saturday, so we had to be at the church by 4:30 in order to get the Squid there for pictures and everything. I somehow got pegged by the photographer to be her assistant's helper monkey. I stole my way outside to avoid as much of that as I could. We watched one of the groomsmen drive up and finish off his beer in the car before he went into the church, and his date never once appeared sober. Eventually, the time came around for everything to start, and apart from the Squid nearly pulling down a pillar on top of the alter when her shoe got caught in some netting while lighting candles, everything went pretty smoothly.

The reception was pretty huge too. There were probably more than 200 people at the wedding ceremony itself. But I'd guess more than 300 were at the reception. It was an open bar, with live band, and a dj, and a couple of kegs of beer on tap. There was an ice sculpture, 4 tier wedding cake, and an OU shaped groom's cake. None of the bridesmaids were sober. People were calling in random friends to come take advantage of the free liqour (which Ninsi couldn't get because they didn't believe she was over 21). I saw cousins and other people that I haven't seen in 15+ years, and at least one girl that lived across the street from me in 1978-79 or so. It was a good time, I'd say. The Squid danced her little heart out as soon as she was able to lose the fru-fru dress. She and the cousin did a lot of running around in the dresses anyway.

Sunday, Little Brother and his new wife were scheduled to fly out of DFW to begin their honeymoon. So the reception actually ended at a decent hour (11 pm) They were planning to go to the Dominican Republic, but since it is underwater right now, they changed their plans to a couples only resort in Cancun. Anyway, he called me on his way to Dallas asking about airport parking, and we made arrangements for him to park at the house, and Zero would take them on to the airport. While Ninsi, the Squid, and I are eating lunch in Eufaula, Little Brother calls me and says his suv has broken down in Dallas. The drive shaft fell out of the rear end. Fortunately, they had made it to within about 20 minutes of the house, and Zero was able to save their honeymoon by going to get them, and getting them to the airport in time to make their flight. Props to Zero for being so cool about it, and probably saving my brother from having a honeymoon on his couch. Ninsi and I took the Squid to meet her mom, and evetually made our way to Dallas. We went straight over to where the breakdown had occurred and Zero met us there with the keys. A tow truck showed up and we got it towed to my new sister-in-laws apartment complex since it was only a couple miles away. (i guess she's a sister in law: the sister of my brothers wife?) It's out of my hands now, but we'll probably have to take Little Brother and Wife back to OK next weekend.

So, that pretty much sums it up I think. We finally made it home, and settled in a little. The Wedding Head Index for Ninsi was pretty high all weekend, and probably will be a few days in leveling off again. I'll do what I can to weather the storm.

I may put up a couple pictures. Some of the Squid maybe. Maybe a couple of me and my brothers. I'm sure Ninsi will have plenty to say about the weekend as well. I may put up more later as it comes to me, but that's the highlights.

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Excellent trip report. Looking forward to Squidpix.


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