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Wonderland fantasies

I will probably have to close commenting on the entry within a week because I suspect I'll be innudated with Val Kilmer pr0n spam. Anyway, there is a new poll. The chararacters are all from storybooks, and all young girls. Usually portrayed as wholesome and good, but sometimes, (like if you visit the stripper store) you'll see an outfit for them that portrays not wholesome goodness, so much as spanking naughtiness. The question is, which one is the best at that? I think Alice and Red (Alice in Wonderland/Red Riding Hood) may be about even at the top of the heap. Followed at a short distance by Dorothy. If you don't think Dorothy (Wiz of Oz) can make your jewels jump, I have a picture for you. And I know I haven't included any princesses (Cindy, Snowy, Ariel, etc) We all know they are sluts. Though, if I have left out someone that should be in the list, let me know, and I'll add them.


Random sports update: Hockey may die today. The Player's Association Collective Bargaining Agreement expires today, with no talks in the works to get a new one together. Lockout will probably start tomorrow, thereby delaying the start of the season, if not killing the season entirely for the year.

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OK, going to have to say no to Alice. Lewis Carroll I think wrote Alice in wonderland and he confirmed mushroom eater and pedophile. Alice was the little girl that lived next door to him that he had sexual fantasies about. gross


Ewww, supergross! FYI there's an Alice In Wonderland shirt at Urban Outfitters that might be sweet for your daughter, but after Halo's comment, it kind of makes me grossed out to even mention it.

Red Riding Hood has the Freudian interpretation going for it, and if you've ever seen The Company of Wolves...definitely a hot character.

wasn't there a kiefer sutherland movie based on LRRH? Highway? Freeway? Something like that.

Anyway, I struggled with this one a bit.

Alice lost right away for reasons already mentioned. And the Walrus Alice love connection just does nothing for me.

Bo Peep lost some sheep. Assuming she finds them, what the hell can she do with them? Oooh. I hadn't considered that some of those sheep may in fact be Rams...might need to rethink the vote.

At any rate, the poor shepherd girl / helpful farmer's son imagery played out pretty quickly.

Red had the bestiality thing going for her. But there's only the one wolf, unless he enlists some support from those little piggies... While I can see their little tails curling, something about pink pigskin and mud wallowing wolves just comes up a little short.

Goldilocks? In a bathtub full of porridge...with three dancing bears...now is that too hot, not hot enough, or just right? To be honest, it doesn't really float my boat.

Dorothy though...she skips, sings, gets into bestiality, hot air 'ballooning', gem-encrusted shoes, robotics, rolls in the hay, witchcraft, water sports, opiates...just all the ingredients for a really fun date.

Hands down winner.

No bout adoubt it.



jesus, haven't any of you ever heard that alice stuff before? i thought that was common knowledge.


I'd heard it before but assumed it was Urban Legend.


Charles Lutwidge Dodgson AKA Lewis Carrol was never convicted of any wrongdoings but there was great evidence to support that he was. ( naked pictures of little girls) L.C. was also a photographer. SO pretty much think what you want, but he did write a damn good book.


Halo, you put way to much research into that last post! (Mr. copy and paste)
Yours truly, Sausage Mahoney


Hey it wasn't copy and paste. it was paraphrasing :P WHich was done in college on a lot o papers. WOOO WHOOOO!!!!

does anyone but me find it strange that NO ONE voted for Goldilocks?



makes sense to me. goldilocks is a little too shirley temple. that's creepy.

Lost Highway.

That was it.

The Kiefer Sutherland / Red Riding Hood movie I mean.


I'm pretty sure the opening sequence was set to the rolling stones' cover of 'Little Red Riding Hood'.


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