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October 4, 2004

You want some fry's with that?

I have little time to regal with tales today. The weather outside is dreary, and some neighborhoods near where I work are without power. It isn't raining right this second, but I suspect more is falling and just hasn't made it to my level yet. Zero and I put the cover on the pool on Friday. After two years, I think we have figured out how to do it properly, so next year, it shouldn't be such a pain in the ass. I think our timing couldn't have been much better though. With all the rain we got this morning, an uncovered pool, would be a leaf-filled pool.

Anyway, an anecdote to explain the title. Saturday, we went to Fry's Electronics to browse, since we were in the neighborhood. There were a couple of police cruisers up by the front of the store, and as we walked up, we could see the two cops. They had put on rubber gloves, and were talking to a guy sitting just to the side of the entrance. They had also taken his 'sport cup' from him and were sniffing the contents. About the time we actually entered the store, they had managed to drag him to his feet, and were handcuffing him. This was at four o'clock in the afternoon. We figure the guy got drunk at home, decided he needed some electronic doodad, and came to Fry's, with his beverage. But he was too wasted to even stand up on his own by the time we saw him. Next time, he should just go shop online, and save himself that Public Drunkeness charge.

October 6, 2004

Daffy = Lunacy

Not much going on these days. It's early October. It's a lull in the year before the major holiday season overwhelms us. Not that we have nothing to do til then, just nothing grandiose. Various trips to Oklahoma, standard. Football watching, standard. Probable party around Halloween, standard. All those things that dont require massive planning, like vacations and holidays. It's nice. And it leaves some leisure time at the house.

We're all playing games, mostly. Or being hobbyists. Ninsi has her Sims and sewing. I have some Sims, some Fable, and 40k to paint. Zero has Fable, Dawn of War, and it appears my sudden 40k painting drive has spurned him to get out his table as well. The Orc army is awakening from its slumber, and starting to appear again in the living room.

If we don't wind up at the Giant/Cowboys game on Sunday, then it may be a good time for another epic battle of Dark Eldar and Speed Freaks. Zero, and I too, need practice with the new rules a little more. We'll see how it shakes out. Saturday will be consumed by the OU/Texas game, or course, but it will be over early, so Saturday night may be consumed by us,uh, consuming fermented beverages...
Oh, today is my half-birthday. All hail.

October 7, 2004


Some of you noticed that my page was totally fubared earlier today. My email and everything still worked peachy, but the website was toast. My provider did something to their SQL database. Upgrade maybe. Whatever they did, completely broke SQL for a while. Ninsi's page was fine because it is pretty much straight HTML, mine was broke because I use PHP to generate it, and that requires calls to a database. Mostly for the poll. They seem to have fixed it now.

In other news, I made a trip to the Infomart today. Such fun that is. I really don't have anything else right now. Go bug Ninsi or something.

October 8, 2004


Slept like ass last night. Was awake most of it. Going to be a long day before I sleep tonight though.

In the meantime, go welcome Halo.


Sometimes, people tell a story, and it has no point. You are left wondering what they were trying to say. Sunday, when Zero and I were playing golf, we were paired with a couple of other guys. At one point, when we had been discussing the noise from the next door gun range, one of the guys started talking about a show he had seen. About a cop that had been shot, but as he was laying there, he shot at the guy that shot him. Hitting the car. Twenty years later, or something, they find out that he had actually shot the guy that shot him as well. I dont know if the guy telling this to us had a point, but I think it got lost. It was pretty much "I saw this show, and this happened, and I thought it was interesting". Maybe he just didn't tell it well. Maybe something in his indeterminate spanish accent caused me to just lose the thread of the story, but much like this post, I found it pretty pointless.

October 11, 2004

Boskov = The Body

Today, we will speak of radios. But first, a recap of that about which few readers care: the weekend's football. The OU/Texas game was as unique as any has been the last decade. The over/under being a whopping 53 points, but only 12 points were actually scored. None by Texas, which was shut out for the first time in almost a quarter century. OU now has about three tough games left before they can go back to the Orange Bowl. It was an early game, 11 am, which I think really kept the rowdiness to a minimum. Eleven in the morning is not necessarily too early to start drinking, but it is too early for most people to get reliably drunk. Maybe next year.

Now the radios. I went looking for a digital tuner radio today. I like to occassionally listen to talk radio at work. The signal from such stations, however, is usually so weak that it is difficult to pick up with a hand tuned analog radio. If I do manage to get one, it doesn't last long because withing a minute, the nearest mega-watt hip-hop station has overwhelmed it and I have to retune. It's a pointless exercise. So, today, I thought I might find a radio with a digital tuner, that could keep its station. I went to Best Buy and Wal-Mart. Hoping to top out at about $25. I found plenty of radios, but only one at Best Buy was digital, and it was double my target price, and Wal-Mart had two, but the cheapest of those was still $40. And ugly. I dont want the CD-player, I don't want the 'home-mini-stereo'. I just want a fucking radio that will hang onto a weakass signal. Seriously, is that so wrong?

October 12, 2004


Not much today. Server crashed from another bad disk. It happens. Managed to find a digital tuned clock-radio for $30. I'm trying it out now. There's some static, but it isn't too bad. I'll give it a week and decide if I want to keep it or not.

In the meantime, here's some parody art of Bush that was removed at a museum. (and here's original). Now, don't fly off the handle yet, it wasn't taken down because the GoP through a fit. The museum itself did it. I lost the link to the whole story, but basically, they did a thing, and got a lot of art they were not expecting, and removed it. The one of Bush just happened to make the news because of who it was, and it's funny. I think they are a very family friendly place, and got some not so family friendly art. Maybe that was it.

October 13, 2004

Forget Paris

So Halloween is less than three weeks off. Most people that are going to be costumed already know what they will be wearing. Those that don't know will generally wind up at a costume shop, or buying something online. And according to one online retailer, the "Paris Heiress - Adult Paris Hilton" costume is the top chioce for girls and women. You can see a picture of it here. Just scroll down a little bit. The girl they have modeling that outfit is a whole lot better looking than Paris though. And has about an order of magnitude more cleavage (which is scientifically proven to come from boobs).

Im craving turkey. Not like a sandwich, but like a whole fucking turkey. Thanksgiving is still a month and a half off. But there's no reason I can't buy a turkey now and cook it, right? Is it wrong to want turkey on a non-holiday?

Oh, and someone call Allanis, her version of ironic is in the news again with this story, and this story.

October 14, 2004

Stay home

I noticed the signs on the way to work this morning were warning of possible traffic backups starting tomorrow due to race traffic. I guess there is a car or truck race thing this weekend. It will back up traffic all over the West side of Dallas. The cowboys are also playing at home on Sunday, so that will be sure to back up traffic all over the central metroplex. And the stree we live on has had signs up for a couple weeks warning of the impending road project that should be starting Monday.

All in all, I'd say we're not supposed to drive this weekend. If you must go somewhere, leave today. Or be smart like Zero, and fly out.

Halo 2 - downloadable now... sorta.

So anyway, that's about it for now. I finished Fable the other night. Decent game. But the story is really pretty short. If you just do the quests that you have to do straight through, it doesn't take too long. I did enough on the side to get some nice horns and red eyes. I also managed to get married 4 times, divorced once, and widowed twice. Only had sex one time though. I would not have had that divorce, but it was in a town where weapons aren't allowed. I beat the shit out of that wife with my hands, and then the guards came along so I put a beat down on them, but that bitch just wouldn't die. She finally got fed up with the beatings and divorced me. That was okay, because she immediately started renting the house, that I apparently won in the divorce. I probably would have had a fourth dead wife, except I forgot where I married her...

Demi has been taken out of the ring for the time being, due to some issues with his provider, and his site consequentially being down. It may be a couple weeks while he changes providers and gets everything moved.

October 20, 2004


If I find the time to actually blog today, I will be surprised.
I'll explain the 'backdoor' fetish thing (per the poll) if I have too, but only if enough people answer 'what?' I would suspect that most of the readership knows what I talking about when I say Bunny is really a Backdoor Betty.

October 21, 2004

Moving on up

Well, it has been busy. Friday, I had too much to get done at work before I left to even try to write anything here. Monday and Tuesday I was in Atlanta. We had some servers out there that needed to come back here, so I went out to get them packed up and shipped home. They should start arriving today, which will give me a couple more machines to play with. But first, we have to move. Everyone on the first floor is moving up to the fourth, and a few people from here on the second are moving as well. I may have to move, eventually, but not yet. I'm hoping to stay in my current office for a while. It still gives me a nice view of the Ryan's and the sign proclaiming the 'Wednday' night buffet. I would so miss the grammatical massacre perpetrated at least weekly by Ryan's.

Barring rain, this may be the last real warm weekend of the year. It's past time for it to start really cooling off. Zero and I are going to try to get in one more round of golf at least before I have to stop wearing my cool-ass golf sandals. Seriously, they help. I may have to actually invest in regular golf shoes if I think I may play when it's not 90 degrees outside.

If you read Ninsi's post, you'll know she is debating flying to Tulsa to spend some time with her mom, who is now New and Improved! With Fewer Organs! (she had her appendix removed, I think it qualifies as an organ, right?). And although her mom would really enjoy the visit, it might also make her go the hospital a little more often, if she thought it would make Ninsi come visit. My advise to Ninsi is to stay here for the weekend, but she doesn't deal well with guilt. And there will be some from this. It's inevitable.

October 22, 2004


For the few people that don't know what it is... A Backdoor Betty is a girl that likes to get it in the bunghole. So, now that that is taken care of, I'll be removing the 'what?' option.

In other news, it is Friday. Ninsi seems to think is has been a very long week. Last night, she had to ask if it was last week or this week that I was gone to Atlanta. It was this week. This is the start of the girls weekend out. Personally, I got nothing for tonight. Zero and I may go out, or we may stay in and play 40k. Im fairly ambivalent about both.

My biggest concern is the weather, actually. It doesn't seem to quite know if it's going to rain or not. We will be getting a storm in another hour or two. It's nigh inevitable. But shouldn't last more than an hour or so. Tomorrow, there is not supposed to be any rain. That is a good thing, because tomorrow, Zero and I are supposed to play golf around noon. I keep forgetting about it, because for me, the week has been pretty short, and I have to remind myself that tomorrow is Saturday. I think this means I will have to record the game.

That's pretty much the size of things right now. I know I'm forgetting much. Oh well.

October 25, 2004

Team suck

Friday night Zero and I went to dinner with a couple other guys, and then off to see the movie 'Team America: World Police.' The movie was the worse thing I've seen in a theater in a very long time. It was worse than Riddick. The whole gag with the movie was the fact that they used puppets. But to me, that just made it all the worse. Maybe if they had made some puppet puns or gags, or something, but the puppets acted like they were normal flesh and blood.

It sucked. Stay away.

After such an experience, beer was required, so we went to a bar. The bartender there had seen the movie, and he loved it. He also said Friday Night Lights was great. Not exactly a great qualifier to go see FNL if you ask me.

Saturday, Zero and I played golf. Then the bunch of us all had dinner. Then Ninsi went off to the fest, and Zero and I went bar hopping again. I was denied(!) access to one club because I wore tennis shoes. Sandals would have got me in apparently, but no tennies.

Sunday was fairly relaxed. Got up late, had lunch with some of the fest girls, and then laid around the house and reconnected the stereo properly. It had been a complete mess for a long time, but now it is all working together like it should.

Ninsi and I did leave the house to grab some quick dinner at one point. On the way back home we were eyewitness to a car wreck. We were in the left turn lane to get onto the street that leads to the house, and the car in front of us was turning. I noticed that there was a van coming North straight for them. I actually checked the light to see what was up, and the woman turning left did not have an arrow, just a green light. The van saw her too late, tried to veer, but she hit him anyway, which spun her car completely around, and the impact of her car pushed the van just enough to make him run straight into the lightpost on the corner. I think both cars were totaled. Ninsi phoned 911 real quick, and we sat through the light, then turned around and came back. Neither person was seriously hurt (thanks to seatbelts and airbags) though the woman was sore from the airbag hitting her. We talked to the cop that had arrived on the scene. He was pretty glad we came along, since our being eyewitnesses made his job a whole lot easier on it. Felt sorry for the woman, but it was her fault. All the way.

This post = too long.

October 26, 2004


If last week was short, this week is hella-long. The move is still ongoing, but progressing better than I would have thought possible. Not much to say on that.

No car wrecks last night, so nothing real enticing to speak of today. I did make chili, though. So, I guess there is that. With Zero out of town, and Ninsi at class, I had most of the evening to myself. I mostly spent it cooking, and doing a little cleaning. I'll do a little more tonight, so that there won't be too much to do before people start to arrive Friday.
Ninsi and I also started carving a pumpkin. I've never done it before, so it may turn out to be just a pumpkin with a large whole in it. Hopefully I will finish it tonight. If it looks at all worthwhile, I'll put a picture up maybe. If it looks like crap, I'll take a picture of someone else's that doesn't look like crap, and claim it as mine. The picture will be mine, anyway, and I think that is what counts.

The food industry is thwarting Ninsi at every turn these days. Ask her for details.

October 27, 2004


We finished the pumpkin last night. Rather than be completely cliche and stick a candle in it, I elected to remove the top of the lamp post outside, and stick the pumpkin on that. This had two effects. One, it puts it high enough that it is visible to passers-by, and two, we don't have to fuck with a candle. Just flip the switch. I took a couple pictures just in case something more or less catastrophic happens before Halloween, like high winds blowing it off, or neighborhood hooligans getting hooliganny with it. Pic here, and one here with me next to it for size and height reference.

The signs this morning on the highway said there was an accident at my exit, and maybe I should take an alternate route. Traffic was moving well enough though, so I stayed on the highway. The accident was actually just before my exit, and the access road was totally blocked by it. If I had taken my alternate route, I would have been on the access road, and utterly stymied. An 18-wheeler had managed to find it's way into the canal. I'm not sure how. I suspect there were other cars involved at some point, but they were gone by the time I got there. Nothing but a hoard of police cars and fire engines left. The 18-wheeler also took out a good chunk of guardrail on its way to the canal. Good times.

Oh, don't forget... Tonight, at 8:14 pm CST, the total lunar eclipse begins. It becomes total at 9:23 CST. Go watch it. It should be all appropriately halloweenish.

October 29, 2004

They live...

The Grandpa Heads that is. So it's Friday before Halloween. And at work, only about two people bothered to wear a costume. I have donned the grandpa head jacket. I dont know if it qualifies as a costume, or just a 'get-up', but it is a big hit either way. I've only been wearing it since lunch, since it isn't exactly comfortable, and will probably take it off in another hour or so. I cannot even lean back all the way in my chair. Last year, quite a few people here got dressed up for the holiday, so I was a little disappointed in the turnout this year. But that's the result of Halloween on Sunday. feh. This will probably be the last hurrah for the heads. Since I don't see myself stringing them up to be garland at Christmas, I may try to repost them on Ebay. They yearn to be released back into the wild, so if someone will buy them, I'll sell them. At least $5. (I want as much of my initial investment back as possible)

Ninsi is in Tulsa until tomorrow. Visiting with her mom, so I'm a bachelor for the evening. We'll be playing poker tonight, so maybe I will win enough money to make donations to the 'homeless children.'

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