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For the few people that don't know what it is... A Backdoor Betty is a girl that likes to get it in the bunghole. So, now that that is taken care of, I'll be removing the 'what?' option.

In other news, it is Friday. Ninsi seems to think is has been a very long week. Last night, she had to ask if it was last week or this week that I was gone to Atlanta. It was this week. This is the start of the girls weekend out. Personally, I got nothing for tonight. Zero and I may go out, or we may stay in and play 40k. Im fairly ambivalent about both.

My biggest concern is the weather, actually. It doesn't seem to quite know if it's going to rain or not. We will be getting a storm in another hour or two. It's nigh inevitable. But shouldn't last more than an hour or so. Tomorrow, there is not supposed to be any rain. That is a good thing, because tomorrow, Zero and I are supposed to play golf around noon. I keep forgetting about it, because for me, the week has been pretty short, and I have to remind myself that tomorrow is Saturday. I think this means I will have to record the game.

That's pretty much the size of things right now. I know I'm forgetting much. Oh well.

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I think the confusion was not over what a back door betty was, but why we think it is a suitable bunny pseudonym



This whole thing is why I'm not posting the Box Story on my blog despite requests for said story.


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