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Boskov = The Body

Today, we will speak of radios. But first, a recap of that about which few readers care: the weekend's football. The OU/Texas game was as unique as any has been the last decade. The over/under being a whopping 53 points, but only 12 points were actually scored. None by Texas, which was shut out for the first time in almost a quarter century. OU now has about three tough games left before they can go back to the Orange Bowl. It was an early game, 11 am, which I think really kept the rowdiness to a minimum. Eleven in the morning is not necessarily too early to start drinking, but it is too early for most people to get reliably drunk. Maybe next year.

Now the radios. I went looking for a digital tuner radio today. I like to occassionally listen to talk radio at work. The signal from such stations, however, is usually so weak that it is difficult to pick up with a hand tuned analog radio. If I do manage to get one, it doesn't last long because withing a minute, the nearest mega-watt hip-hop station has overwhelmed it and I have to retune. It's a pointless exercise. So, today, I thought I might find a radio with a digital tuner, that could keep its station. I went to Best Buy and Wal-Mart. Hoping to top out at about $25. I found plenty of radios, but only one at Best Buy was digital, and it was double my target price, and Wal-Mart had two, but the cheapest of those was still $40. And ugly. I dont want the CD-player, I don't want the 'home-mini-stereo'. I just want a fucking radio that will hang onto a weakass signal. Seriously, is that so wrong?

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not wrong, just obviously too much to ask for

whattayagot against wire coat hangers and aluminum foil as a makeshift antenna?


Internet talk radio?



It is indeed a problem. The tuners in most equipment these days is just bad. The sad thing is that it is by choice and because a cheap ass tuner / antenae combo is about 35 cents cheaper that a decent one.

The best price/value tuner on the market is the TIVOLI model one. It's around $100 but it has a better tuner than you will find in anything other than a Crane audio radio built for talk radio.
Crane audio also makes some great units.


Or if you have time shop around at yard sales for pre 1990'ish AM/FM' units with a connection for a real antenae. Anything letting you connect a real antenae should work circles around the stuff on the shelf at retail.


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