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Daffy = Lunacy

Not much going on these days. It's early October. It's a lull in the year before the major holiday season overwhelms us. Not that we have nothing to do til then, just nothing grandiose. Various trips to Oklahoma, standard. Football watching, standard. Probable party around Halloween, standard. All those things that dont require massive planning, like vacations and holidays. It's nice. And it leaves some leisure time at the house.

We're all playing games, mostly. Or being hobbyists. Ninsi has her Sims and sewing. I have some Sims, some Fable, and 40k to paint. Zero has Fable, Dawn of War, and it appears my sudden 40k painting drive has spurned him to get out his table as well. The Orc army is awakening from its slumber, and starting to appear again in the living room.

If we don't wind up at the Giant/Cowboys game on Sunday, then it may be a good time for another epic battle of Dark Eldar and Speed Freaks. Zero, and I too, need practice with the new rules a little more. We'll see how it shakes out. Saturday will be consumed by the OU/Texas game, or course, but it will be over early, so Saturday night may be consumed by us,uh, consuming fermented beverages...
Oh, today is my half-birthday. All hail.

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Those are Iron Warriors not Orcs. Ph33r my l33t firepower.


were you born at the stroke of midnight?

or are you claiming to be half-man / half-machine?


All hail your blog working okay again. It was some kind of jacked up this morning.


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