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Forget Paris

So Halloween is less than three weeks off. Most people that are going to be costumed already know what they will be wearing. Those that don't know will generally wind up at a costume shop, or buying something online. And according to one online retailer, the "Paris Heiress - Adult Paris Hilton" costume is the top chioce for girls and women. You can see a picture of it here. Just scroll down a little bit. The girl they have modeling that outfit is a whole lot better looking than Paris though. And has about an order of magnitude more cleavage (which is scientifically proven to come from boobs).

Im craving turkey. Not like a sandwich, but like a whole fucking turkey. Thanksgiving is still a month and a half off. But there's no reason I can't buy a turkey now and cook it, right? Is it wrong to want turkey on a non-holiday?

Oh, and someone call Allanis, her version of ironic is in the news again with this story, and this story.

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Dude, the girl modeling that paris hilton costume is sandra fucking bullock.

i heart sandra bullock, and yes, she is tons better looking than paris hilton, in a sandra bullocky sorta way...




I'd have to agree with you that she's waaaaay better looking then the actual Paris Hilton.


Thanks for using the lion picture... your the coolest

Dude, it's NOT Sandra Bullock. Unless she's turned into a twentysomething blonde who self-promoted her bosoms to a D cup.

I am the coolest. Ninsi is the only one that has an acutaly recognizable picture, and I would change it, if I wasn't so lazy sometimes.

And even though the lion is super-cool, like Aquaman, if you have another you'd prefer me to use, I might be able to accomodate.


what i think he was trying to say is hell i wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers


Aquaman wasn't cool he was useless are you saying i'm useless

Of course not. Im saying the lion is orange,uh, like Aquaman...


i'm crying on the inside.... at least its better than the one with like a table full of beer cans sitting in front of me.


personally, i think the paris costume looks a lot more like a nicole richie costume.


I still chuckle about "I have no pants"

hey, then change my pic from ugly tongue scowl to the cute pigtails head tilt one. you know the one i speak of
or maybe one of the good pics from D*Con04, where I'm not chewing gum.
Have you noticed my recent obsession with the pigtail buns. I think it may be my perm. going out hair now.


OK ,controller o the blog ring how do i get in?

Go here: http://www.notival.com/wdwiteu/
and click the 'add a new site link'. Fill out the rest of it. Then just add the code to your site somewhere, and I'll activate it.



...and done.
welcome to the ring.

Dude, it's sandra if i say it's sandra.

How do you know it's not an older pic of sandra back when she was still perky?

Or maybe an augmented [retouched] picture of sandra from back when she was perky?

The point is, the ho looks a hell of a lot more like SB than PH.

So suffer me my illusions. Beyatch.


It's Sandra if you're taking acid, I suppose.

it just so happens....



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