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We finished the pumpkin last night. Rather than be completely cliche and stick a candle in it, I elected to remove the top of the lamp post outside, and stick the pumpkin on that. This had two effects. One, it puts it high enough that it is visible to passers-by, and two, we don't have to fuck with a candle. Just flip the switch. I took a couple pictures just in case something more or less catastrophic happens before Halloween, like high winds blowing it off, or neighborhood hooligans getting hooliganny with it. Pic here, and one here with me next to it for size and height reference.

The signs this morning on the highway said there was an accident at my exit, and maybe I should take an alternate route. Traffic was moving well enough though, so I stayed on the highway. The accident was actually just before my exit, and the access road was totally blocked by it. If I had taken my alternate route, I would have been on the access road, and utterly stymied. An 18-wheeler had managed to find it's way into the canal. I'm not sure how. I suspect there were other cars involved at some point, but they were gone by the time I got there. Nothing but a hoard of police cars and fire engines left. The 18-wheeler also took out a good chunk of guardrail on its way to the canal. Good times.

Oh, don't forget... Tonight, at 8:14 pm CST, the total lunar eclipse begins. It becomes total at 9:23 CST. Go watch it. It should be all appropriately halloweenish.

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The resemblance is uncanny.


I always enjoy those 'drugged up truckers run their trucks off the road' stories. But seriously, nice pumpkin, we're doing ours tonight.


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