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Moving on up

Well, it has been busy. Friday, I had too much to get done at work before I left to even try to write anything here. Monday and Tuesday I was in Atlanta. We had some servers out there that needed to come back here, so I went out to get them packed up and shipped home. They should start arriving today, which will give me a couple more machines to play with. But first, we have to move. Everyone on the first floor is moving up to the fourth, and a few people from here on the second are moving as well. I may have to move, eventually, but not yet. I'm hoping to stay in my current office for a while. It still gives me a nice view of the Ryan's and the sign proclaiming the 'Wednday' night buffet. I would so miss the grammatical massacre perpetrated at least weekly by Ryan's.

Barring rain, this may be the last real warm weekend of the year. It's past time for it to start really cooling off. Zero and I are going to try to get in one more round of golf at least before I have to stop wearing my cool-ass golf sandals. Seriously, they help. I may have to actually invest in regular golf shoes if I think I may play when it's not 90 degrees outside.

If you read Ninsi's post, you'll know she is debating flying to Tulsa to spend some time with her mom, who is now New and Improved! With Fewer Organs! (she had her appendix removed, I think it qualifies as an organ, right?). And although her mom would really enjoy the visit, it might also make her go the hospital a little more often, if she thought it would make Ninsi come visit. My advise to Ninsi is to stay here for the weekend, but she doesn't deal well with guilt. And there will be some from this. It's inevitable.

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Bunny I didn't know you got down that way.

Bunny has so far voted twice for 'no'. Since it's against the spirit of the poll to do that, I should declare it a double negative and make the two 'nos' from her a single 'yes'.

Goddamn IP addresses.

guilt trip ensues...SD just called to offer to pay for plane ticket. how do you tell your family - the enirity of which is taking time from work (if applicable) to ensure that someone is at the hospital 24 hours a day to keep my mom company - that I already have plans to party like it's 1999 all weekend long, involving such things as lez-fests and strip clubs?

You're looking at it all wrong. The question is, why would you spend your hard-earned money to go bother your poor put-upon mother, when she already has so many people surrounding her when she probably needs some nice rest?


Besides, by the time you get there, she'll be out of the hospital. It's minor surgery; she'll be fine.


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