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Not much today. Server crashed from another bad disk. It happens. Managed to find a digital tuned clock-radio for $30. I'm trying it out now. There's some static, but it isn't too bad. I'll give it a week and decide if I want to keep it or not.

In the meantime, here's some parody art of Bush that was removed at a museum. (and here's original). Now, don't fly off the handle yet, it wasn't taken down because the GoP through a fit. The museum itself did it. I lost the link to the whole story, but basically, they did a thing, and got a lot of art they were not expecting, and removed it. The one of Bush just happened to make the news because of who it was, and it's funny. I think they are a very family friendly place, and got some not so family friendly art. Maybe that was it.

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I thought the revolutionary factor of the Manet was that she was looking directly out from the painting with this almost darelike gaze. Good choice for Bush - an old prostitute!


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