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Stay home

I noticed the signs on the way to work this morning were warning of possible traffic backups starting tomorrow due to race traffic. I guess there is a car or truck race thing this weekend. It will back up traffic all over the West side of Dallas. The cowboys are also playing at home on Sunday, so that will be sure to back up traffic all over the central metroplex. And the stree we live on has had signs up for a couple weeks warning of the impending road project that should be starting Monday.

All in all, I'd say we're not supposed to drive this weekend. If you must go somewhere, leave today. Or be smart like Zero, and fly out.

Halo 2 - downloadable now... sorta.

So anyway, that's about it for now. I finished Fable the other night. Decent game. But the story is really pretty short. If you just do the quests that you have to do straight through, it doesn't take too long. I did enough on the side to get some nice horns and red eyes. I also managed to get married 4 times, divorced once, and widowed twice. Only had sex one time though. I would not have had that divorce, but it was in a town where weapons aren't allowed. I beat the shit out of that wife with my hands, and then the guards came along so I put a beat down on them, but that bitch just wouldn't die. She finally got fed up with the beatings and divorced me. That was okay, because she immediately started renting the house, that I apparently won in the divorce. I probably would have had a fourth dead wife, except I forgot where I married her...

Demi has been taken out of the ring for the time being, due to some issues with his provider, and his site consequentially being down. It may be a couple weeks while he changes providers and gets everything moved.

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Just as I abWhor the moral depravity of our safe/same/sex, sacrilegious-society, so if America doesn't wake-up from their spineless slumber, we'll have literal Hell-to-pay (MAKE A DECENT CONFESSION [PREFERABLY @ A CATHOLIC CHURCH]): If you can't see the vast, self-evident-reality of Heaven or Hell after this Finite Existence, may God Almighty have mercy on your indelible soul -Blessed Otto

oooh- you're being ministered to via blog---this one's a keeper!


Indelible, eh? Does that mean my soul won't wash off with soup and water? Good to know.

soup and water...lol

was it lunch time hag?



Ha! It's always lunch time. Emm, soup.


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