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Team suck

Friday night Zero and I went to dinner with a couple other guys, and then off to see the movie 'Team America: World Police.' The movie was the worse thing I've seen in a theater in a very long time. It was worse than Riddick. The whole gag with the movie was the fact that they used puppets. But to me, that just made it all the worse. Maybe if they had made some puppet puns or gags, or something, but the puppets acted like they were normal flesh and blood.

It sucked. Stay away.

After such an experience, beer was required, so we went to a bar. The bartender there had seen the movie, and he loved it. He also said Friday Night Lights was great. Not exactly a great qualifier to go see FNL if you ask me.

Saturday, Zero and I played golf. Then the bunch of us all had dinner. Then Ninsi went off to the fest, and Zero and I went bar hopping again. I was denied(!) access to one club because I wore tennis shoes. Sandals would have got me in apparently, but no tennies.

Sunday was fairly relaxed. Got up late, had lunch with some of the fest girls, and then laid around the house and reconnected the stereo properly. It had been a complete mess for a long time, but now it is all working together like it should.

Ninsi and I did leave the house to grab some quick dinner at one point. On the way back home we were eyewitness to a car wreck. We were in the left turn lane to get onto the street that leads to the house, and the car in front of us was turning. I noticed that there was a van coming North straight for them. I actually checked the light to see what was up, and the woman turning left did not have an arrow, just a green light. The van saw her too late, tried to veer, but she hit him anyway, which spun her car completely around, and the impact of her car pushed the van just enough to make him run straight into the lightpost on the corner. I think both cars were totaled. Ninsi phoned 911 real quick, and we sat through the light, then turned around and came back. Neither person was seriously hurt (thanks to seatbelts and airbags) though the woman was sore from the airbag hitting her. We talked to the cop that had arrived on the scene. He was pretty glad we came along, since our being eyewitnesses made his job a whole lot easier on it. Felt sorry for the woman, but it was her fault. All the way.

This post = too long.

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I kid you not,I fell asleep during Team America.

I saw an accident a few years ago right in front of me. Took a few hours for the adrenaline to cycle out of my system.

Ninsi and I may attract them. This is the second one we have seen this year. Last time we watched a car hydroplane across the highway right in front of us, and take out another couple of cars.


The next time you witness another crash, please scream "Oh God it's happening again!"



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