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They live...

The Grandpa Heads that is. So it's Friday before Halloween. And at work, only about two people bothered to wear a costume. I have donned the grandpa head jacket. I dont know if it qualifies as a costume, or just a 'get-up', but it is a big hit either way. I've only been wearing it since lunch, since it isn't exactly comfortable, and will probably take it off in another hour or so. I cannot even lean back all the way in my chair. Last year, quite a few people here got dressed up for the holiday, so I was a little disappointed in the turnout this year. But that's the result of Halloween on Sunday. feh. This will probably be the last hurrah for the heads. Since I don't see myself stringing them up to be garland at Christmas, I may try to repost them on Ebay. They yearn to be released back into the wild, so if someone will buy them, I'll sell them. At least $5. (I want as much of my initial investment back as possible)

Ninsi is in Tulsa until tomorrow. Visiting with her mom, so I'm a bachelor for the evening. We'll be playing poker tonight, so maybe I will win enough money to make donations to the 'homeless children.'

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The NG Fest-ers never got to make a visit to the orphanage, sad to say.


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