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If last week was short, this week is hella-long. The move is still ongoing, but progressing better than I would have thought possible. Not much to say on that.

No car wrecks last night, so nothing real enticing to speak of today. I did make chili, though. So, I guess there is that. With Zero out of town, and Ninsi at class, I had most of the evening to myself. I mostly spent it cooking, and doing a little cleaning. I'll do a little more tonight, so that there won't be too much to do before people start to arrive Friday.
Ninsi and I also started carving a pumpkin. I've never done it before, so it may turn out to be just a pumpkin with a large whole in it. Hopefully I will finish it tonight. If it looks at all worthwhile, I'll put a picture up maybe. If it looks like crap, I'll take a picture of someone else's that doesn't look like crap, and claim it as mine. The picture will be mine, anyway, and I think that is what counts.

The food industry is thwarting Ninsi at every turn these days. Ask her for details.

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oh yeah, forgot to blog about the pumpkin carving. I had fun scooping the goo. Anyone have pumpkin seed roasting recipies advice?

Maybe you could find some at Billy Bob's, say, while waiting to get on the mechanical bull?

:-D thanks bunny.

BTW - i did find a recipe online. It consisted of butter and salt. With Cayenne pepper, and Garlic as other options. I had no idea it would be so easy. So now we have some roasted pumpkin seeds for poker night - though not many really. I would have expected more from a pumpkin that size. We've got maybe a cup and a half.


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