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You want some fry's with that?

I have little time to regal with tales today. The weather outside is dreary, and some neighborhoods near where I work are without power. It isn't raining right this second, but I suspect more is falling and just hasn't made it to my level yet. Zero and I put the cover on the pool on Friday. After two years, I think we have figured out how to do it properly, so next year, it shouldn't be such a pain in the ass. I think our timing couldn't have been much better though. With all the rain we got this morning, an uncovered pool, would be a leaf-filled pool.

Anyway, an anecdote to explain the title. Saturday, we went to Fry's Electronics to browse, since we were in the neighborhood. There were a couple of police cruisers up by the front of the store, and as we walked up, we could see the two cops. They had put on rubber gloves, and were talking to a guy sitting just to the side of the entrance. They had also taken his 'sport cup' from him and were sniffing the contents. About the time we actually entered the store, they had managed to drag him to his feet, and were handcuffing him. This was at four o'clock in the afternoon. We figure the guy got drunk at home, decided he needed some electronic doodad, and came to Fry's, with his beverage. But he was too wasted to even stand up on his own by the time we saw him. Next time, he should just go shop online, and save himself that Public Drunkeness charge.

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what a dumb ass.

two empirical rules of shopping:

1. Never go grocery shopping while you're hungry.

2. Never go gadget shopping when you're wasted.

it seems the teeming masses will never learn, dudn't it?


Great title for this entry.


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