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November 1, 2004

Larry3000 = The Tin Can

So the weekend did not go as planned.

Friday night did, mostly. Played poker. Saturday morning, Zero calls me and informs me that he is a the emergency clinic, and on his way to the hospital emergency room because they have found a tumor in his chest. Completely fucking out of the blue. There was really nothing to be done beyond that for a while. I waited at the house and watched the OU/OSU football game. He eventually made it home around 4:30 in the afternoon. For more details, you can real his blog.

The thing in his chest though is large enough that it should get its own name. I'll leave that up to Zero if he so chooses. Of the four X-rays that he brought home, one of them clearly shows where it is. You don't have to have any kind of medical training to look at it and know something is very wrong.

He's going in today to get a biopsy done, and will be in the hospital for a few days. Once they do that, the doctors should be able to tell exactly what it is, since right now I guess it is one of about three posibilities, each with a different treatment requirement. Major invasive surgery is very probable. What I've gathered from Zero is that the doctors have given him a good sense of confidence that it is very treatable, and everything should be fine.

We don't know exactly what it is, yet, or where it came from. We do know that it wasn't there a year ago, when Zero had a chest X-ray for pneumonia. So, whatever it is, grew from nothing, to the size of Connecticutt in under a year. He had been having a pain in his left shoulder for a couple months that his regular doctor couldn't diagnose. Eventually he said it was tendonitis. They did an X-ray on that shoulder, but did not see anything there either. We pretty confident the shoulder pains were also being caused by the tumor. Zero and I have the same general practice doctor. I will be finding a new one very soon, because this one has missed too much.

That's pretty much the state of things. Zero's mom arrived Saturday and is staying at the house as well. Halo will probably be down later this week. Ninsi and I are still planning to be in OK this weekend. Zero may be too drugged to blog at any given time, but I will update with anything significant. And those with my phone number can call anytime as well.

Minor update

I spent some time after work with Zero at the hospital. He's fine. They did absolutely nothing today. Seemingly, they thought they might do another CAT scan, or other tests, but decided that the ones they had were good enough. So Zero spent the day laying in his bed wondering why he had come in. We all thought they would be starting the biopsy tomorrow around noon, but I just learned that it has actually been scheduled for 4 pm. Needless to say, Zero is a little miffed that he got to the hospital today just so he could lay around for over 24 hours and do nothing.

We will know nothing more until after the biopsy, which will take 2-3 hours to complete. So, Wednesday at the earliest.

For the interested parties, we're looking at one of roughly three main possibilites:
1) Benign growth
2) A Thyroid cancer
3) Lymphoma

One of the first two would actually be the preferred option. With one of those, the doctors would basically crack open his chest, and remove all the foreign tissue. There would then be a few weeks of recovery time, and everything would be done. It would be painful, invasive, and require longer hospital time. The third option, however, would not necessarily require any invasive surgery, but it would mean radiation and chemo treatments for an indefinate amount of time. Several weeks to a few months. I'd take the sugery over the chemo any day, myself.

So, that's where we stand. Don't expect much more of an update until at least Wednesday though.

November 2, 2004

Election Day

I voted before breakfast. Did you?

Been busy all day at work. Trying to get the last of the people moved upstairs and properly connected. It's mostly done, and probably will continue to just be 'mostly' done for a couple months. We'll see.

I spoke briefly with Zero at lunch. He's doing fine. Just waiting til they come get him for the biopsy. Last he heard that it would be 4 pm at the latest, but could be anytime between noon and four. It's two o'clock now, and I've not heard anything yet, so I'm guessing he's still waiting. Wish I had something more, but that is it. Must get back to working now.
at 2 I got a call that he had just been taken for pre-op. So the biopsy surgery should be done by 5 this afternoon. If visiting policies allow it, Ninsi and I will try to go out this evening for a bit.

Minor biopsy update

Zero is out of surgery now. He is doing fine, and should be cognizant within an hour or so. The surgeon said that it is definately a form of cancer, but they were not able to say exactly what kind yet. Some direct tests will have to be performed to determine that. This does not mean that it is necessarily a malign form of cancer. It does fairly rule it out as a random benign growth though. It could still be a benign cancer. I say this because there are so many varieties and vaguarites to cancer and I dont want anyone to jump to wrong conclusions of rampant malignancy. I do, however, want to keep everyone up to date as to what I know (as far as I know it), and so I will continue to disseminate the infomation as I get it rather than hoard it until we have definate answers which would leave most people without any update for days at a time.

Hopefully, Ninsi and I will be able to visit briefly this evening, and update at that time.

November 3, 2004

Knowing is half the battle

lymphoma - Any of various usually malignant tumors that arise in the lymph nodes or in other lymphoid tissue.

We saw Zero yesterday evening. He was doing fine. All tubed up, and a nice new scar atop his left chest. Mostly hungry, slightly groggy. Although we are still waiting for final lab results to come in today, the surgeon that performed the biopsy said it looked to him like lymphoma. Not the option we were hoping for, but it is treatable, and means that Zero will get to come home sooner, and not have to have his chest cracked open for major surgery.

He was asleep when we finished dinner last night, so we did not stay. They moved him out of the ICU and into a regular room around 10:30 last night. I am hoping that this means there is a chance he can come home today. It really will depend on the doctors and if they want to run any more tests or not. Zero will be spending some time with the oncologist today and learning more of the treatment options. Otherwise, he is doing fine. I do not expect any new significant news today, but I will be sure to update if we learn anything, especially if it is contrary to what I've said here already. And Zero will probably be able to start doing his own updates starting tomorrow, or maybe later today.

Post lunch

Spoke with Zero briefly after lunch. He's feeling fine. If all of the right doctors can see him and all of the right paperwork found and filled out, he will be coming home this evening. There is, apparently, still a chance that they will do surgery to cut it out. About a 10% chance. That would probably be followed by chemotherapy later. Odds are though, that it will be just chemo treatment. We'll know after Zero speaks with the oncologist. Should know by the time I get off work today. If he has to stay another day in bed, then we may all go out to watch Lost in the hospital room.

His cell phone is kaput. It was not recharged last night, so it finally gave out. Those wanting to call, can try calling the Baylor Medical Center in Grapevine, or just wait another day or so and call the cell phone.

I'm still working on trying to get the X-rays scanned in. But it will be a bit longer still.

November 4, 2004


Zero will be home today, and will probably handle his own updates going foward. Not much left for him to do but get some more blood work done this morning, wait for final biopsy results, get a small implant to assist in the chemo treatments later, and then finally get the chemo.

Out my window, it is a perfect, clear, blue sky. It makes me want to get out and go frollicking. It is also pretty chilly out, but you can't tell by looking. And of course, with Ryan's still advertising their "Wednday Night Mexican Fiesta Buffet", and that only adds to the allure. That sign has been misspelled for about 3 weeks now.

I do not consider myself to be a great speller. But when I see something obviously misspelled (not a typo, so not email, or most web stuff) that is on a more or less permanent real-word sign, like 'geneoligy' at CompUSA, or 'materiel' on the hospital placard, it really makes me worry how well the average corporation checks any of their products. I *expect* words on the Ryan's sign to be messed up. If the guys that work there were better able to spell, it would be indicactive of a better, or more complete, education that would probably have allowed them a better job than sign-jockey at Ryan's. I have seen the manager come out and correct the spelling, but note, he is the manager, and not the sign-jockey.

Im going to stop before I ramble to long. I think I've made my point: if it is a changeable sign, it's okay to have mistakes, but if you are creating something permanent, let's try to have a little pride in the work and do it right.

Woo woo woo excitement!

They are finally changing the Ryan's sign! I'm just giddy. Dude is digging in his bucket pulling out letters. I can't wait to see what it will be...

November 8, 2004


Ive taken the top five names and made a new poll. Okay, the top four, plus a new one. I took out the 'poll=bad' option, because even though three people voted for it, I have no idea who they were, and they did not leave any reason for calling the poll bad. Comments made to the poll are anonymous. None but me sees them, so you are more than welcome to flame away at me from the poll comments if you want to.

And the number of the 'N's shall be three...

How sad is it that the best thing on which I have to comment is a restaurant sign? "Tonight after 4pm traditional turkey dinner". For most of the day the last word was "d ner". I realize now they had ran out of Is and Ns. So it looks like they cut an L to make the new I and used an upside down U for the last N. It looks a little funky. Like if you were cutting and pasting words from newspapers and magazines to make a ransom note. Only you are doing it on a restaurant sign...

Went to OK for the weekend to hang out with the Squid. Good times, always. It doesn't appear that I will be getting to eat turkey for Thanksgiving, so I will probably be buying one this week and cooking it at the house. Actually, I'm more likely to buy a small one, and ask Zero if he wants to slow cook it, since he'll be cooped up at the house most of the day anyway.

MBA. Everyone else is doing it. Maybe I should too.

It isn't funny, really...

Ninsi pointed me towards a pug rescue page today. She was specifically pointing out the one called 'Luther.' I went to the page, and read a couple of the other descriptions. Pork Chop and Satchmo made me laugh, because Pork Chop is blind in one eye, and Satchmo says " I am blind, deaf and have lost most of my teeth." Im afraid the joy of actually being adopted might cause Satchmo to expire, but im sure it would be a very joyful last few moments...
Here's the site: dfwpugs.

November 10, 2004

No love for Harvey

I don't get the lack of love for the Harvey nickname. It's not just for pink rabbits, you know. I have to work on the assumption that people just don't get why it is such a good nickname for all things internal. feh.

Chemosabie is clever, but too many syllables for me.

Zero should be done with his PET scan by now. That would be a Positron Emission Tomography. Yes kids, that's positron as in anti-matter. So, Zero is being shot-up full of sugar-laced anti-matter. And by shot-up, I mean he has to get an IV of dye until he is peeing antimatter.

There does not appear to be a turkey in my Thanksgiving future. That sucks balls. I was going to buy one this week, but that didn't work out, so now I think that I may buy myself a turkey right after Thanksgiving and just cook it myself. My family isn't doing much for Thanksgiving (mom is going gambling) and Ninsi's family, well, I'll stay off that topic.

Now, everyone donate your pennies to me so I can go to this conference: Einstein's Legacy.


I scanned this last night, but since Zero hasn't posted it yet, I figured I'd go ahead and put it up for your viewing pleasure. The big white mass on the right side of the picture (Zero's left lung area, imagine your and he are looking at each other) is the tumor. The left half of the pic is what both sides should look like.


November 11, 2004


Selfishness is starting to annoy me. As is idiocity. It's rampant. You see it in many places, but if it's not relating to someone you actually know, or from a celebrity, you never really hear about it. Two cases in point:

Latrell Spreewell makes $14.6 million a year to play basketball. Last week, in vying for a new contract, he said "I have to feed my family," and "Why should I try to help them win a chamionship? What have they done for me?" I think that giving someone $14.6M is enough to buy a few burgers for those starving kids, as well as provide plenty of incentive to help the team that's giving you that cash. Maybe my priorities are out of line here though.

Then we get Ron Artest who asked for a month off because he was too tired to play basketball because he had been so busy promoting his new rap music album. When a reporter asked about him "compromising the integrity of the team," Artest replied with (paraphrased long quote) "I haven't had a chance to ask my dad about that word yet; I dont have a dictionary; I dont know what that word means."


Not knowing the definition of a word is okay. I could live with that, but he clearly doesn't even have a sense of what it means. You may not have a clear definition either, but I trust you know it in your bones. You know it when you see it. These guys have no idea what the word means, mentally, emotionally, socially, not on any level.

This does not make these two, or other people like them, bad guys. They are just too narcissistic to see beyond themselves. Im sure we all know of people that fit this bill. Everything comes back to them, regardless of what the real issue is. Spreewell and Artest have everything that most of us could ever want. They are not content with it though.

This just pisses me off.

November 12, 2004


Today, I was called a rock star. We'll not delve into the particulars.

Today, while pumping gas, the attendant in the station came over the intercom and crooned "chucka chucka chu". I dont know if he was singing, or hoping for some spontaneous porn scene to break out.

Next year is the International Year of Physics. It's official. I've already informed Jessy, and she is appropriately reverent.

Ryans sign: "4-close seafood extravaganza 8.99" I'm too astounded by the correct spelling of extravaganza to try to figure out where one gets foreclosed seafood.

Today is Tonya Harding's 34th birthday. It's only significant because the radio station was replaying her interview, in which she stated that she did "not want to make a skeptical" of her boxing career. Classic.

Go home. Have a weekend.

November 15, 2004

dust bunnies

im sleepy. have been most of the afternoon. Ninsi and I made the dubious decision to go out to the Church last night, and we did not get home until a little after 2 am. I still got up to come to work at my regular time, and it is finally starting to get to me.

good weekend overall. did little Friday. piddled around, had a couple beers, and watched "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou." Saturday was poker night. Turnout was impressive. I think we had sixteen people show up for what I thought would be a small gathering. We had a couple new players, and that's always a good thing.

Zero also hired some cleaners to come in Saturday morning and clean the house to a degree that we never would. They were there like five hours. The lady said the house was a lot dirtier than she was expecting, and it would take a couple of extra trips to get it to a 'baseline' level of cleanliness. We're not slovenly, i swear. We just don't dust.

November 16, 2004


I haven't much time today, as I busy with work stuff. But I came across something which just has me slightly baffled.
The Lucky Ones
I think it is a contest for a car. But it's just odd. The little movies I mean. I haven't had time to watch more than like 3. Someone help me out here.

November 17, 2004

i win

You are Vlad the Impaler. The man behind the legend
of Dracula. You hanged your victims, stretched
them on the rack, burned them at the stake,
boiled them alive, but mostly impaled them.
Most of your killings were politically targeted
but sometimes you killed just because you were
bored. Your "reign of terror" lasted
from 1456 to 1462. Estimated numbers of victims
vary between 30,000 and more than 100,000.
Evil Evil man. Fie on you!

Which Imfamous criminal are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

eh, ill post something else later. maybe about the rain.

If you vote, I hope you've at least seen the movie, or read the book for which you vote. And Earthclan has absolutely nothing at all to do with Clan of the Cave Bear.

November 18, 2004

It's still an extravaganza

Of seafood.

My office is not exactly bare. But it is rather dark. I have a large window that is over four feet wide, and I think more than six feet tall. I think the window is actually taller than my office is wide. Seriously. My office is long and narrow. And the walls are carpeted. It's a sound thing. I have two pictures on the walls, and crap laying everywhere, but I think I need to bring in some more pictures. Maybe a plant. Plant would die though.

Not much going on. Still busy at work, but not frantically so. RPing plans for this evening have been postponed til tomorrow which will probably entail an extra long session. It may also entail drunk gaming. Everyone loves a drunk hexslinger. Dynomite in the vampire's pants will be as child's play.

November 23, 2004

Onions and Red Pee

We've all read Zero's account of his first session of chemotherapy yesterday. It was all that and more. Personally, I think he failed to touch on a few of the more significant points though. So, if you will, allow me to elucidate...

First off, best quote heard during infusion: "... well, she gained 260 pounds and couldn't waddle herself down to the dock then."

The Infusion room is where chemo is done. They have 16 recliners in there with the IV stand next to each. Zero sat in one and there he stayed for the next 9 hours. Except for the occassional pee break. As big a deal as they made about his pee, I'm surprised he didn't mention it himself. By the end of the day, I think everyone in the room knew that Zero was going to have red pee, because they made a point to mention it several times. It was a direct result of getting a red drug injected straight into his veins. Rather looked like Kool-aid. So, anyway, he had some red pee, which I think inflicts 2d6 critical damage to Broo.

Onions. No onions allowed in the Infusion room. Period. If they see you with an onion, or with food that contains an onion, or possibly even if you smelled like you had an onion for lunch, they would make you leave. They had a sign posted about it and everything.

Side effects can be funny. Zero received several pieces of paper telling about the drugs he was about to receive, and listing all the possible side effects. Some things get listed as a side effect because one person, one time, said "I think this drug is making *this* happen." What is *this*? Insert 'droopy eyelids', 'bed wetting', and 'unconsciousness'. There were others of course such as hallucinations, double vision, and the inability to walk straight, but the droopy eyelids and possible bed wetting are the best.

And finally, I learned something yesterday. When you get cancer, you get a lot of literature. I was thumbing through one of the books he received (partially illustrated, but we'll not dwell there even though it was a pr0n book), and came across a chart. At the top, it listed possible effects of various procedures, such as 'fatigue', 'nausea', 'infertility', and a few others. Down the side, it had the procedure, such as Chemotherapy, Orchiectomy (testicle removal), and Penectomy (Yes, it is what it sounds like, but I wont type it because I dont want that much pr0n spam right off). Anyway, under Single Orchiectomy, infertility was a 'R' for Rarely. Under Dual Orchiectomy, it was 'A' for Always. That makes sense. But what boggled me then, as now, was under total Penectomy, Infertility is merely a 'U' for Usually. Which if you think real hard (and you have to think hard because it isn't exacly fun to think about at all) you can understand how it might still be possible, but the mind does nonetheless still boggle at the thought of having no thing, but still being fertile.

And that kids, is what I learned yesterday.

November 24, 2004

Lame entry

Everyone is in OK already. Im heading up in the morning. Looking forward to the weekend, not so much the drive. Though, the drive back should be entertaining with three people and two dogs for 5 hours.

In the meantime, something that will be only funny to a select few...
Hello Kitty 40k

May all your turkey be moist.

November 29, 2004


Thankgiving is done. Most of my family was either out hunting, or gambling. I did see my brother briefly before they went off hunting, and my mom for a few minutes on the way back to Dallas though. So at least I got to see the fam. Picked up the Squid on Friday and spent the long weekend with her. Always a good time. I did learn that I should be careful about putting Squid in the same car as Ninsi though when Ninsi is trying to look something up on her phone. Why? Because: We're driving along, trying to find a place to which I haven't been in a few years in Tulsa. Ninsi is using her phone to locate it online, and getting frustrated. Suddenly she just yells "Fucker!" and throws her phone. I just told Squid to ignore the crazy lady in the front seat.

The drive back was uneventful. Just long. The dogs slept. We hit two traffic jams. It took too long. Ninsi and Zero where having some kind of fucked up contest to see who could cough the most, and blow the most phlegm out the nose. A great microscopic biologic war was waged all the way from Tulsa to Dallas. The two of the continued to cough-serenade me while we ate dinner. Maybe they were trying to make me feel left out because I didn't have a cough. Unknown.

Finally, my girlfriend doesn't really like me:
Ninsi says:
i did like that one picture of you with the long hair
phlome says:
What one?
Ninsi says:
it was rather shaggy
Ninsi says:
the one I thought wasn't you
She likes the one that she thought isn't me. Isn't she the sweetest thing? Is this grounds for trading in for a new model?

November 30, 2004


I saw the word 'topiary' the other day, and drew a total blank. I was unable to explain what it was because the first thing I saw in my head was a tiara. I knew that wasn't it, but it got stuck there. I knew then, as I know now, what a topiary is, but sometimes, the brain doesn't work as it should. The software it runs is flaky at best, and I think it's time we got around to figuring out a way to upgrade it. I will be accepting volunteers all week for brain firmware upgrade surgery.

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