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And the number of the 'N's shall be three...

How sad is it that the best thing on which I have to comment is a restaurant sign? "Tonight after 4pm traditional turkey dinner". For most of the day the last word was "d ner". I realize now they had ran out of Is and Ns. So it looks like they cut an L to make the new I and used an upside down U for the last N. It looks a little funky. Like if you were cutting and pasting words from newspapers and magazines to make a ransom note. Only you are doing it on a restaurant sign...

Went to OK for the weekend to hang out with the Squid. Good times, always. It doesn't appear that I will be getting to eat turkey for Thanksgiving, so I will probably be buying one this week and cooking it at the house. Actually, I'm more likely to buy a small one, and ask Zero if he wants to slow cook it, since he'll be cooped up at the house most of the day anyway.

MBA. Everyone else is doing it. Maybe I should too.


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