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Zero will be home today, and will probably handle his own updates going foward. Not much left for him to do but get some more blood work done this morning, wait for final biopsy results, get a small implant to assist in the chemo treatments later, and then finally get the chemo.

Out my window, it is a perfect, clear, blue sky. It makes me want to get out and go frollicking. It is also pretty chilly out, but you can't tell by looking. And of course, with Ryan's still advertising their "Wednday Night Mexican Fiesta Buffet", and that only adds to the allure. That sign has been misspelled for about 3 weeks now.

I do not consider myself to be a great speller. But when I see something obviously misspelled (not a typo, so not email, or most web stuff) that is on a more or less permanent real-word sign, like 'geneoligy' at CompUSA, or 'materiel' on the hospital placard, it really makes me worry how well the average corporation checks any of their products. I *expect* words on the Ryan's sign to be messed up. If the guys that work there were better able to spell, it would be indicactive of a better, or more complete, education that would probably have allowed them a better job than sign-jockey at Ryan's. I have seen the manager come out and correct the spelling, but note, he is the manager, and not the sign-jockey.

Im going to stop before I ramble to long. I think I've made my point: if it is a changeable sign, it's okay to have mistakes, but if you are creating something permanent, let's try to have a little pride in the work and do it right.

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I love days like today - cold and crisp and sunny and blue skies. I gotta get out for lunch today. Maybe just go read a book or something. Wait - I have no books in my car. Sheesh.


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