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Thankgiving is done. Most of my family was either out hunting, or gambling. I did see my brother briefly before they went off hunting, and my mom for a few minutes on the way back to Dallas though. So at least I got to see the fam. Picked up the Squid on Friday and spent the long weekend with her. Always a good time. I did learn that I should be careful about putting Squid in the same car as Ninsi though when Ninsi is trying to look something up on her phone. Why? Because: We're driving along, trying to find a place to which I haven't been in a few years in Tulsa. Ninsi is using her phone to locate it online, and getting frustrated. Suddenly she just yells "Fucker!" and throws her phone. I just told Squid to ignore the crazy lady in the front seat.

The drive back was uneventful. Just long. The dogs slept. We hit two traffic jams. It took too long. Ninsi and Zero where having some kind of fucked up contest to see who could cough the most, and blow the most phlegm out the nose. A great microscopic biologic war was waged all the way from Tulsa to Dallas. The two of the continued to cough-serenade me while we ate dinner. Maybe they were trying to make me feel left out because I didn't have a cough. Unknown.

Finally, my girlfriend doesn't really like me:
Ninsi says:
i did like that one picture of you with the long hair
phlome says:
What one?
Ninsi says:
it was rather shaggy
Ninsi says:
the one I thought wasn't you
She likes the one that she thought isn't me. Isn't she the sweetest thing? Is this grounds for trading in for a new model?

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trade her in on a new model?

perish the thought.

or at least wait until she's 40-something - then trade her in on two twenty-year-olds.

and yes, i HAVE done the math on the backward regression of this thing, and earlier than 35 or so, things look pretty grim. and illegal in most states.



Yes, I think you should keep her around for awhile.


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