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dust bunnies

im sleepy. have been most of the afternoon. Ninsi and I made the dubious decision to go out to the Church last night, and we did not get home until a little after 2 am. I still got up to come to work at my regular time, and it is finally starting to get to me.

good weekend overall. did little Friday. piddled around, had a couple beers, and watched "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou." Saturday was poker night. Turnout was impressive. I think we had sixteen people show up for what I thought would be a small gathering. We had a couple new players, and that's always a good thing.

Zero also hired some cleaners to come in Saturday morning and clean the house to a degree that we never would. They were there like five hours. The lady said the house was a lot dirtier than she was expecting, and it would take a couple of extra trips to get it to a 'baseline' level of cleanliness. We're not slovenly, i swear. We just don't dust.

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I don't dust either.. I do everything but that. Dusting is such a pain in the ass. if you use a feather duster, it just moves. it doesn't really get rid of it. BTW, demigoblin.com is back up and running, please change you link to www.demigoblin.com not demigoblin.com/main as I've settled for going straight up.


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