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Election Day

I voted before breakfast. Did you?

Been busy all day at work. Trying to get the last of the people moved upstairs and properly connected. It's mostly done, and probably will continue to just be 'mostly' done for a couple months. We'll see.

I spoke briefly with Zero at lunch. He's doing fine. Just waiting til they come get him for the biopsy. Last he heard that it would be 4 pm at the latest, but could be anytime between noon and four. It's two o'clock now, and I've not heard anything yet, so I'm guessing he's still waiting. Wish I had something more, but that is it. Must get back to working now.
at 2 I got a call that he had just been taken for pre-op. So the biopsy surgery should be done by 5 this afternoon. If visiting policies allow it, Ninsi and I will try to go out this evening for a bit.


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