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i win

You are Vlad the Impaler. The man behind the legend
of Dracula. You hanged your victims, stretched
them on the rack, burned them at the stake,
boiled them alive, but mostly impaled them.
Most of your killings were politically targeted
but sometimes you killed just because you were
bored. Your "reign of terror" lasted
from 1456 to 1462. Estimated numbers of victims
vary between 30,000 and more than 100,000.
Evil Evil man. Fie on you!

Which Imfamous criminal are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

eh, ill post something else later. maybe about the rain.

If you vote, I hope you've at least seen the movie, or read the book for which you vote. And Earthclan has absolutely nothing at all to do with Clan of the Cave Bear.

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it sounded more interesting so I wanted to vote for that one, but went with caves of steel for minimal violence

Woops. Haven't seen it but Caves of Steel sounded like a future I could deal with compared to Waterworld, Futurama, or Mad Max.

In brief, Caves of Steel is a completely socialistic society. Massive amounts of people. Cities are totally enclosed. No one ever actually goes 'outside.'

Oh, do you have my LotR book? The big one? I know someone borrowed it many moons ago, and I haven't seen it since.


you very obviously do win. kudos.

Nope. This is one thing I haven't borrowed and then failed to return. I even got the books for my birthday so wouldn't have the need.

A certain tome from one of your roommates, though...yah it needs to get back to where it once belonged.


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