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It isn't funny, really...

Ninsi pointed me towards a pug rescue page today. She was specifically pointing out the one called 'Luther.' I went to the page, and read a couple of the other descriptions. Pork Chop and Satchmo made me laugh, because Pork Chop is blind in one eye, and Satchmo says " I am blind, deaf and have lost most of my teeth." Im afraid the joy of actually being adopted might cause Satchmo to expire, but im sure it would be a very joyful last few moments...
Here's the site: dfwpugs.

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My wifebot and I went off in search of a jack russell terrier rescue dog a couple years ago.

We were looking for a 'working dog' to control the rodent and reptile population in our little barn. [tierra is afraid of snakes and loathes mice. what she feels towards the larger and less palatable cousins of mice is like loathing on steroids with a bad hangover...]

anyway, jack russell terriers were bred to systematically annhilate rats. they're fairly well matched against just about any snake as well.

most of the rescue places we contacted got all offended when we told them we wanted a dog that could do what it was bred to do. like, how DARE WE want a dog for anything but couch-usurping, shedding, and the occassional accident on the hall rug...why is it that anyone that does anything on a volunteer basis develops dangerous protectionist attitudes about that which they volunteer to support?

jack russells, given an opportunity to...

a. lay on a couch
b. explore a hole in the ground
c. raize a rat den

will inevitably choose b & c. so....fuck you mister jack russell rescue man that doesn't want a dog to behave like a dog.

i digress.

you mentioned blind dogs. the jack russell we did manage to rescue turned out to be blind, and after spending 30 seconds in the dog's company at the place we rescued it from, i knew with utter certainty that it was vision-impaired, but my know-it-all wifebot didn't believe me.

she thought the cuts on its nose were from it pushing its face into it's kennel-cage-bars in an effort to look cute. in point of fact, the cuts on its nose were from it routinely walking into things.

the kidbot and i were playing with the dog, to make sure it would get along with the kidbot and not bite her, as dogs are prone to do with small, unpredictable young people.

kidbot threw the dogs toy. dog's eyes did not track the toy. dog waited until it heard the toy hit the wall and bounce to the floor, then bolted to where it thought the toy was, sniffed a few times, and nailed it.

knatsbot told wifebot 'dog has vision trouble. let's not take this one.' wifebot told knatsbot he was nuts. spent $175 bucks on adoption papers and shots.

As soon as we got the dog home, it walked into our pasture fence and a rose bush...opening up the freshly healed scabs on its nose.

For the record: do not bring your child into the vicinity of a blind dog while said dog is napping.



Jeebus, Satchmo looks like he's posessed by some hideous monster from the depths.


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