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It's still an extravaganza

Of seafood.

My office is not exactly bare. But it is rather dark. I have a large window that is over four feet wide, and I think more than six feet tall. I think the window is actually taller than my office is wide. Seriously. My office is long and narrow. And the walls are carpeted. It's a sound thing. I have two pictures on the walls, and crap laying everywhere, but I think I need to bring in some more pictures. Maybe a plant. Plant would die though.

Not much going on. Still busy at work, but not frantically so. RPing plans for this evening have been postponed til tomorrow which will probably entail an extra long session. It may also entail drunk gaming. Everyone loves a drunk hexslinger. Dynomite in the vampire's pants will be as child's play.

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post something about getting your ass kicked on saturday so I can respond to it and gloat. :)

phlome's at the hospital with zero today, i'm sure he'll post something tonight, though i doubt it will have much to do with his poker *ahem* loss.


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