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So the weekend did not go as planned.

Friday night did, mostly. Played poker. Saturday morning, Zero calls me and informs me that he is a the emergency clinic, and on his way to the hospital emergency room because they have found a tumor in his chest. Completely fucking out of the blue. There was really nothing to be done beyond that for a while. I waited at the house and watched the OU/OSU football game. He eventually made it home around 4:30 in the afternoon. For more details, you can real his blog.

The thing in his chest though is large enough that it should get its own name. I'll leave that up to Zero if he so chooses. Of the four X-rays that he brought home, one of them clearly shows where it is. You don't have to have any kind of medical training to look at it and know something is very wrong.

He's going in today to get a biopsy done, and will be in the hospital for a few days. Once they do that, the doctors should be able to tell exactly what it is, since right now I guess it is one of about three posibilities, each with a different treatment requirement. Major invasive surgery is very probable. What I've gathered from Zero is that the doctors have given him a good sense of confidence that it is very treatable, and everything should be fine.

We don't know exactly what it is, yet, or where it came from. We do know that it wasn't there a year ago, when Zero had a chest X-ray for pneumonia. So, whatever it is, grew from nothing, to the size of Connecticutt in under a year. He had been having a pain in his left shoulder for a couple months that his regular doctor couldn't diagnose. Eventually he said it was tendonitis. They did an X-ray on that shoulder, but did not see anything there either. We pretty confident the shoulder pains were also being caused by the tumor. Zero and I have the same general practice doctor. I will be finding a new one very soon, because this one has missed too much.

That's pretty much the state of things. Zero's mom arrived Saturday and is staying at the house as well. Halo will probably be down later this week. Ninsi and I are still planning to be in OK this weekend. Zero may be too drugged to blog at any given time, but I will update with anything significant. And those with my phone number can call anytime as well.

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Connecticut is a bit generous. Rhode Island maybe...but not quite as big as Connecticut. Does Zero have the x-rays from his shoulder x-ray done? He should try to get his hands on those. I imagine this:
Nurse: "hey doc, what's that stuff there on the side of the x-ray, closer to the chest"
Doc: "Oh, who knows, just a smudge on the x-ray machine. Don't see anything wrong. Let's just say he has tendonitis and give him more drugs."

If we have a big scanner here at work, Im going to try to scan in one of the X-rays. If we don't then I will see if I can scan it in at the house as two pieces.

I'm wondering if his medical practitioner did an EKG or anything to see if there was a possible cardio problem? That seems like a no-brainer to me...guy, shoulder pain...you know? And even if he did, if it would give any indication. And how much of that big white thing is the tumor?

No EKG was done. It wasn't that kind of pain. It wasn't in the arm, so much as behind the shoulder.

All of the big white thing is tumor. It surrounds the heart lung. The X-rays do not penetrate the dense tumor tissue.


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