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Minor biopsy update

Zero is out of surgery now. He is doing fine, and should be cognizant within an hour or so. The surgeon said that it is definately a form of cancer, but they were not able to say exactly what kind yet. Some direct tests will have to be performed to determine that. This does not mean that it is necessarily a malign form of cancer. It does fairly rule it out as a random benign growth though. It could still be a benign cancer. I say this because there are so many varieties and vaguarites to cancer and I dont want anyone to jump to wrong conclusions of rampant malignancy. I do, however, want to keep everyone up to date as to what I know (as far as I know it), and so I will continue to disseminate the infomation as I get it rather than hoard it until we have definate answers which would leave most people without any update for days at a time.

Hopefully, Ninsi and I will be able to visit briefly this evening, and update at that time.

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If you can squeeze past the gatekeepers and it doesn't freak you out, squeeze his hand for me or something.

Well, considering he would be completely conscious, and it might freak him out as well, I think I may have to refrain a little on that. Maybe a big slobbery kiss instead?


slobbery kiss on my behalf as well, then.


Same here.

i slipped him some tongue this afternoon.

for everyone except hag.

zero say's he'll need that particular favor delivered in person.



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