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Minor update

I spent some time after work with Zero at the hospital. He's fine. They did absolutely nothing today. Seemingly, they thought they might do another CAT scan, or other tests, but decided that the ones they had were good enough. So Zero spent the day laying in his bed wondering why he had come in. We all thought they would be starting the biopsy tomorrow around noon, but I just learned that it has actually been scheduled for 4 pm. Needless to say, Zero is a little miffed that he got to the hospital today just so he could lay around for over 24 hours and do nothing.

We will know nothing more until after the biopsy, which will take 2-3 hours to complete. So, Wednesday at the earliest.

For the interested parties, we're looking at one of roughly three main possibilites:
1) Benign growth
2) A Thyroid cancer
3) Lymphoma

One of the first two would actually be the preferred option. With one of those, the doctors would basically crack open his chest, and remove all the foreign tissue. There would then be a few weeks of recovery time, and everything would be done. It would be painful, invasive, and require longer hospital time. The third option, however, would not necessarily require any invasive surgery, but it would mean radiation and chemo treatments for an indefinate amount of time. Several weeks to a few months. I'd take the sugery over the chemo any day, myself.

So, that's where we stand. Don't expect much more of an update until at least Wednesday though.

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Damn, hope it's option 1.


My guess is the hospital is sponging for money. Our family has had a lot of experience with hospitals over the years and they seem to do this a lot. So in other words every hour Zero sits there the hospital is racking up fees.

Being firm, yet polite with the hospital staff, explaining what you expect and how you expect it will go far. Be sure to communicate directly with the Doctor in charge of Zero. The doctor in charge has the pull necessary to get things done.

Also be wary of visiting Doctors. Doctors love to stop by to chat (Hi, you feeling okay today, etc. etc.) and then bill you for consultation services.

Keep us up to date!


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