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Ive taken the top five names and made a new poll. Okay, the top four, plus a new one. I took out the 'poll=bad' option, because even though three people voted for it, I have no idea who they were, and they did not leave any reason for calling the poll bad. Comments made to the poll are anonymous. None but me sees them, so you are more than welcome to flame away at me from the poll comments if you want to.

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Changed my mind on the new poll. I like "Neville" better.

Personally, I think 'Junior' is rather a lame name. More of a cop out than anything. You would't name it Junior if Zero was a girl, would you? No. The name should not be dependent on the gender of the carrier. imho.

the gender bias thing is an interesting point.

if Jane's daughter is likewise named Jane, why isn't she Jane Jr.? What is she? Just Plain Jane?

Oooooh. I believe I have stumbled onto an etymological empiricalism. Or at least the origin of a phrase.



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