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Post lunch

Spoke with Zero briefly after lunch. He's feeling fine. If all of the right doctors can see him and all of the right paperwork found and filled out, he will be coming home this evening. There is, apparently, still a chance that they will do surgery to cut it out. About a 10% chance. That would probably be followed by chemotherapy later. Odds are though, that it will be just chemo treatment. We'll know after Zero speaks with the oncologist. Should know by the time I get off work today. If he has to stay another day in bed, then we may all go out to watch Lost in the hospital room.

His cell phone is kaput. It was not recharged last night, so it finally gave out. Those wanting to call, can try calling the Baylor Medical Center in Grapevine, or just wait another day or so and call the cell phone.

I'm still working on trying to get the X-rays scanned in. But it will be a bit longer still.

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Thanks for the updates.
Thinking Zeroish thoughts.

shall we bring zero a slobbery kiss from you as well pisser?



Do they know what kind of lymphoma it is, yet?

I think that's what they're waiting on the oncologist for

Can I get an ETA on how long I have to watch Lost before you dump it from the DVR? Please and thank you. I would also like to argue for at least a 2 wk period due to the extenuating circumstances right now.

Well, we're over 50% on space right now. If it causes me to miss a football recording, or Ninsi a Desparate Housewives recording, you may be S.O.L. I would be more inclinded towards leniency if you had seen any of them, but I think have all of them recorded, except one, so we're already in about a 5 week holding pattern. If it hits 75%, I'll have to start removing stuff.


thanks for keeping us posted.

Honestly, I thought y'all had started deleting weeks ago and that I was SOL anyway. It's a testament to your kind benevolence that y'all haven't dumped yet. Whenever you guys can squeeze me in for a marathon, I'm in. We can negotiate offline. :)


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