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I scanned this last night, but since Zero hasn't posted it yet, I figured I'd go ahead and put it up for your viewing pleasure. The big white mass on the right side of the picture (Zero's left lung area, imagine your and he are looking at each other) is the tumor. The left half of the pic is what both sides should look like.


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Nice nipple piercings...


Yeah well they're gone now. They had to take them out for surgery last week and the holes were closed up by the next day. I doubt I'll get them again.


Nipple rings? Can we say ouch!


good lord, that's terrifying looking.
the nipple rings were a nice touch to the x-ray though.

Ok - I say it's time for a final vote of the top 3 - or a final verdict from Tumor-boy himself.

Though for full impact, you should have monketo make his case for Chemo-Sabie.


Why is this entry called "Riddick"? Cause cancer sucks worse than that movie?

In a roundabout way, yes. Since no one likes Harvey, Riddick is my choice for to name the tumor. And as I mentioned after Team America, Riddick is my benchmark for suckiness.


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