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Today, I was called a rock star. We'll not delve into the particulars.

Today, while pumping gas, the attendant in the station came over the intercom and crooned "chucka chucka chu". I dont know if he was singing, or hoping for some spontaneous porn scene to break out.

Next year is the International Year of Physics. It's official. I've already informed Jessy, and she is appropriately reverent.

Ryans sign: "4-close seafood extravaganza 8.99" I'm too astounded by the correct spelling of extravaganza to try to figure out where one gets foreclosed seafood.

Today is Tonya Harding's 34th birthday. It's only significant because the radio station was replaying her interview, in which she stated that she did "not want to make a skeptical" of her boxing career. Classic.

Go home. Have a weekend.

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you must of course share the particulars of your rock stardom


it should be a good year.


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