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I saw the word 'topiary' the other day, and drew a total blank. I was unable to explain what it was because the first thing I saw in my head was a tiara. I knew that wasn't it, but it got stuck there. I knew then, as I know now, what a topiary is, but sometimes, the brain doesn't work as it should. The software it runs is flaky at best, and I think it's time we got around to figuring out a way to upgrade it. I will be accepting volunteers all week for brain firmware upgrade surgery.

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Topiary? Big fancy styled garden. Yeah.

I thought a topiary was like when they carve figures out of hedgerows...you know...like in the book version of 'the shining' where there's all the topiary beasts at the Overlook Hotel that come to life and try to kill Scatman Caruthers.


Did you by any chance see "Dreamcatcher"? It most definitely wasn't the greatest movie on earth, but it had a good part where it portrayed the guys brain and how everything was in fileing cabinates and to make room he had to fumble through them and toss any old memories he thought he didn't need and toss them in the burner to let new ones get stored. He also had a private section in which the beast hunting or trying to take him over couldn't get into. I don't know, that's about the only thing I liked in the movie, and the fact that the alien beasts came out of thier asses. quite gross and yet intrieging.

i saw dreamcatcher. i preferred the book to the movie, but only marginally enjoyed both.

stephen king has devolved into such a hack. i'm sure his books are all products of staff writers rather than the man himself anymore.


hmmm...speaking of burning memories....I think I'll just blog it...it's too long.

The topiaries were in the miniseries version of The Shining too which I liked better than the Kubrick film. The horror!


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