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Woo woo woo excitement!

They are finally changing the Ryan's sign! I'm just giddy. Dude is digging in his bucket pulling out letters. I can't wait to see what it will be...

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It'd be great if it was something completely nosensical, like "Mfplg your zibbit!".


Emm, tilapia salmon. Can't get enough of those mutant hybrids.

I bet it's leftovers from the Mexican Butfet they had here while back. And I think I determined then that butfet was crunchy.


nothing will ever top the Mexican Butfet for me.

What the hell happened to the Barbeque? Did they burn it? Did they just decide that in all honesty it would be wrong to call what they had created a BBQ?

Perhaps the chef through a temperous fit and proclaimed , "NO, No I think not, Grand grill master Jean-Claude-Michelle will be cooking Tilipia tonight, for the gods have demanded that it be so, boy!, you, you there with the goatee and the mop, fetch your letter bucket and make change of the sign out front!"

please to sampling tilapiasalmon.

please to aftersampling reportmake.

please to correctpronounce "Mfplg your zibbit!".


where'd you come up with the shit names for the poll by the way?

Any dolt knows that the only acceptable name for a cancer is 'leo'.

Okay, there might be a few others. But none of them made the list.


you need to do the poll again, and limit it down to the top 5 choices (excluding poll=bad)


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