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December 1, 2004

at the hop

I went to lunch today, as I do most days. When I got to the place where I was eating, I was in line behind a guy I work with. We chatted. The place had a significant line, and I commented that I probably should have gone to the other location, but I wanted to run by Best Buy after lunch. He immediately replied that he had just come from Best Buy, opting to eat afterwards. Fast Forward to post lunch. I got to Best Buy, and as Im leaving, I think I see the car of another person I work with, so I walk back in, and sure enough, they are nosing through video games. I had talked to this person earlier in the day, and they mentioned they had to run 'errands' at lunch. Their errand involved looking at games at Best Buy.

There is nothing real significant in this series of events, except the fact that Best Buy is apparently a very popular lunch stop for people I work with. Myself obviously included.

The sun is low in the sky these days. Since the time change. And now with the passing days, it gets lower, and sneaks into my window earlier. Almost to the point of distraction. I loathe having to lower my blinds, but I may have too. Or scoot closer in to my desk so that the sun is behind the wall. I tend to type while leaning back in my chair a decent amount.

Cast party tonight. Voice actresses shall be present in abundance. Woot!

December 2, 2004

Like it's 1999

Nearly everyone in the office is draggin' ass today. Most of us were out until well after 1 am at the cast party. Some of us still managed to make it to work before 8:30. Nothing much spectactular to tell of it though. Probably a couple hundred people in total. The food was good, especially the sausage. (it was a pasta buffet thing) and the desserts very rich. We all got a pair of drink tickets and used those fairly quickly. But I had a good connection and scored several more before the evening was out.

There was some Karoke. Some people that work here can sing very well. Some of the managers and directors can't. The haves and have-nots all got up on stage in proper karoke style. Ninsi even did a little Time Warp. Several people got totally trashed, and at least one guy tossed his cookies on the way home. At least he wasn't in my car. Another guy got pulled over and had to take a sobriety test. He managed to pass. Both these guys work in my group. Woot.

I managed to sneak Zero in as well. Okay, sneak may be a strong word. He did get to go though, and join in for all the food, free drinks, and festivities. Good as all that was, I think he was mostly agog at the sheer volume of red-headed voice actresses that were present. A man's gotta have his priorities. :)

I should get my shirt for the event sometime next week. Wooga.

December 3, 2004


I'll get to it. I don't usually blog until after lunch anyway, so give me some time. Got other things to do you know, like fling penguins.

Bought some camoflage last night. Zero and I are playing paintball with some other people bright and early in the morning. I suppose that is for the better. Ninsi is working on her paper this evening, and so isn't able to really go out or join in funtime festivities. So it'll be an evening at home looking for gay porn on the PS2. Funtimes indeed.

So tomorrow is paintball, zombie party, and maybe some drunken zombie killin'. How can you go wrong with all that? You can't, that's how. I think I had some vague rant planned out this morning concerning Major League Baseball, steroids, and cheating fuckheads, but I have largely forgotten it. I'm still outraged, of course, but I'll keep it to myself.

Jessy has moved. She has a new blog, and a new spot in the ring. It's activated, but something is still wrong, so we'll have to get that worked out soon. For the rest of the sphere, heed the scripture Phlome-12:03, "and on the eighth day, He deactivated."

December 6, 2004

shrimp talipia catfish

Lots of work today. Air conditioner went out in the server room over the weekend, so when I walked in there this morning, it was about 30 degrees warmer than it should have been.

Also had a server go out.
Then stopped receiving email from outside the company.
Then lost access to another server.
A few thousand emails for a contest did not get send out over the weekend like the should because that machine was hung.

Banner day it was. Mostly back to normal now. Just one or two things still hanging out to be dealt with. But deal with them I must. Ciao.

December 8, 2004


I was at work til about midnight last night, and we shant speak of that any more. Had to get up ass early this morning to take Zero to the hospital by 7 am. He finally got the medi-port. I pretty much shambled through the morning, and picked Zero up again around noon. We're now home, from where I plan to work the rest of the day, if I can succeed in not taking a nap.

On the way from the hospital, we stopped at Wendy's for lunch. They have nice little signs by the registers where you order telling everyone that due to the hurricanes in Florida, there has been a shortage of tomatoes and that such tomatoes will only be provided upon request. Here's my thing with tomatoes... I really do like the taste of a fresh tomoato, but it has to be fresh. My basic rule of freshness for a tomato is that I have to know who picked it, or at the very least, the person I get it from has to know who picked it. No preservatives or anything like that either. So normally, when I go to Wendy's or any restaurant for that matter, and order a burger, I get it without a tomato, because I don't know who picked it, and therefore it will not be fresh enough. So, today, at Wendy's I figured that because the sign said I would have to specially request a tomato, then I wouldn't get one. But the goobs went and gave me one anyway. Bastards.

Another Wendy's observation today about the 'short bus.' There was a bus in the parking area at Wendy's. A big one. And inside, there was a whole passle of handicapp kids. No big deal, but as we left, I noted that the bus was parked longways across ALL the handicapp spaces. That was really the only way it would fit. I figured it was probably okay, since it was carrying the aforementioned passle. But at the same time, it made me realize that the reason the handicapp bus is a short bus is so that it can fit into the handicapp space properly, rather than take up all the spaces. Makes sense now, eh?

December 9, 2004


Last night I slept the full night through for the first time, in a very long time. I was pretty well exhausted most of the day, and should have taken a nap after bringing Zero home from the hospital. I didnt. Instead, I drove to a post office and put in my application for a passport. Going to try to go to Europe late this Spring, so it might be a good idea to have the passport. The whole process went rather smoothly. Too smoothly. Im sure something evil will happen within the next six weeks to make it a nightmare pain in the ass to actually get the thing.

Sometimes, when I serenade my girlfriend, she goes into a fetal position. I can only assume this is because my singing reminds her of the peace and joy she experienced in the womb. No other possibilities will be considered. Thank you, drive through.

I would complain about Wal-Mart, but that is too easy. And once you get started, you will never finish. Seriously. People have completely expired before they could get through their list of grievances about that place. It takes years. Instead, I will lament the QC which has apparently taken root at Ryan's. The last few weeks, the sign board has had all the words correctly spelled, and even making sense. The seal has been broken people, take heed and repent.

December 10, 2004


Friday. Tonight is the company Christmas Party at a vineyard. Seems like everyone is just waiting til it's late enough in the day that they can go home early and change. Except for those that will stay here until it is time to go. I'd say it is about a 50/50 split.

Door prizes will be given. Bringing toys your young 'uns garners more chances to win. Ninsi and I tend to do poorly at winning door prizes. Especially cool ones. I suppose if I really wanted a free gift I could open a bank account for a month and get a garden tool set. le sigh.

Oh, and if everyone is extra special good, maybe Zero will tell the tale of the Saga of the Sewage. (it's not as gross as the title sounds, Im just going for the alliteration)

December 13, 2004

What have I done?

First, read Ninsi's blog. Our relationship has changed, and she is no longer my girlfriend.

Come back when you are done.

. . . . . .

I had been planning it for quite some time. Talking with jewelers, shopping around, all that jazz. Earlier this week I actually purchased a loose stone. It's not a bad piece of carbon, but I dont give the details here. It was bought from a store in Austin. The parents of a friend of mine live there, and they own a jewelry store, and I was able to get it at something of a discount. I thought I was going to have to drive to Austin to get it, but they were willing to work with me to get it up to me without having to do the drive. And it turned out that my friend was going to be up here this weekend anyway, so she just brought it to me.

I told Ninsi, who was studying for her final at the time, that I had to go do some Christmas shopping for her, and off I went. I met the friend at about 3 pm, and she gave me the loose stone. We were in my car, and obviously I wanted to see what I had bought, and in the process of changing it from her hands to mine... it fell.

Literally slipped between my fingers.

Then between the seats.

Then under the rail of the driver seat and out of sight.

Disbelief followed. Some mirth.

I could just see a bit of it, but the spot in which it was located was not easily accessible. And fingers were way to big to reach it. After poking, prodding, and blowing at it, we managed to push it completely under the rail where it was no longer visible at all. My friend was in complete disbelief. But I told her to go on and get back to Austin, and I would take care of the diamond.

I poked and prodded some more. No luck. After probably 45 minutes of this, I gave up and started back to the house. On the way I stopped at Auto-Zone and explaiend my dilema. They were courteous enough to not laugh at me. One of them came out and examined the situation and offered a few suggestions. All of which I had thought of already. So I just asked him what I would need to do to remove the drive seat of my car. He showed me, I went and bought the necessary tool, and proceeded to take the seat out, in the parking lot at Auto-Zone.

I managed to get the seat up, and out of the way, and as soon as I lifted the seat, I saw...


It was not there.

I expected it to shift around some in the driving, but it should have remained in the same area. I pulled up carpet. I unplugged plugs, I unscrewed panels. No diamond. I got real pissed, annoyed, and worried. I looked at spot where maybe it could have fallen. They were all bad. Not just under the carpet, but possibly into the frame of the vehicle. I got severely anxious at this point. I also decided I had been gone to long and could look at it again tomorrow. So I put my seat back together, and came home. On the way, I turned sharply, and braked hard thinking that maybe if I did it right, I would make it slide back to where I could see it.

I arrive home, and Ninsi can tell that I am obviously upset. But I wasn't able to tell her why. All I could say was that something had "gone horribly, horribly, awry." And that I might have to break my car to fix it. She offered to let me use her car, since she didn't know exactly what was wrong with mine, but I wasn't able to explain to her how that wouldn't exactly work. So I told her to keep studying, and I was going to go try to fix it again. I took my flashlight, and in the front yard, proceeded to take off the seat again. It didn't take nearly as long this time.

I ripped up more carpet. I got more anxious. I gave up. I was resigned to trying to explain to a future dealership why my car was mysteriously worth way more than it's Blue Book value.

Coming back inside, I couldn't bare to face Ninsi without telling her that this thing she had wanted, for which I had been planning, was suddenly just gone. Lost forever in my car.

So I did tell her.

I dont know exactly what she felt, being told that her engagement diamond was lost without her ever having even seen it. It was probably some cross between elation that I was actually doing it, sadness that it was gone, and confusion at how it could have happened. I think she was mostly concerned about me though since I was about as upset as she has ever seen me. And she wanted to go look for herself and see if she could see what I couldn't.

So we went to my car, with the removed seat, and I showed the torn carpet, and where it was at one point, and where I thought it may have gone and how my hands were way to big to fit, and how the only thing I could think to do would be to have a dealership try to find it, but I think it would have involved breaking the frame of the car.

She looked, and suggested possibly that it went another direction. I looked, and didn't see how it could have gone that way easily. But it would have been possible. So I pulled up more carpet, and Ninsi saw a shiny thing.

The diamond.

She reached for it.

And pushed it out of sight again.

I told her to back off. I couldn't handle losing it again. I looked over the situation, and then blew.


And the diamond shot out the other side of the rail where I was able to retrieve it.

So there, with me crouched in the floorboard of the back of my car, which was missing a front seat, and with Ninsi on her knees in the front yard covered in leaves, and leaning into where the front seat should have been, I officially proposed.

It did not go at all according to my plan, and I did have a plan. But it was successful anyway. And it makes for a fairly unique engagement story. There you have it. It is done. If you want to know why it was a loose stone and not a ring, ask Ninsi. I had my reasons.

December 15, 2004

Beginning of the end

Ninsi and I both took a day off from posting yesterday to give everyone a chance to read the news. We'll let it filter on down now. The pendant setting shopping was quite an excursion, but we believe it was successful. We'll know for sure this Friday when I go pick it up again. They called me this morning, and said they could get it done, but the price was a little more than what they had initially guessed. (Who didn't see that one coming?)

In the meantime, I've put up a poll to try to ascertain the best day for us to do the thing. Neither of us are going to vote, because well, ours would actually be the only one that mattered then. And mine, dubiously so.

That pretty much sums everything up. With the Wedding Head level at a constant 7+, not much else gets a chance. It will calm down some, as soon as either some time passes, we make some decisions, or I get too drunk to stand. We all know which option is most likely...

Oh, a rule: If you blog is blank, it gets deactivated. Sorry Knats. Let me know when you have something on it.

December 16, 2004


Ryan's is "now hiring cooks & dishwashers start today". Maybe I should look into that to pay for the rock.

Little going on. Fairly slow at work right now. I went to Wal-mart at lunch, which isn't really so bad out here. At least not at lunch. The one near the house is something that can send me into fits of homocidal rage, but the one near work is one of the better examples. Bought a gift for the Squid. Can't say what it is, because she does have this web address, and will occassionally read it. I figure I am mostly done with shopping. I just have to get something for the brothers still. Bass Pro Shop, here I come.

Ninsi decided to stay up most of the night watching stuff we had on DVR. And though she didn't keep me up, I still blame her for my tiredness, because I sure can't blame Gary Busey.

December 17, 2004


The following is what my friend had to say about wedding registries:

"Yeah I was hoping for a bit more than we got. We kept running into the
problem of everybody wanting to get us something unique and not
something from our registry. Which is why I now ALWAYS buy from a
person registry. We got stuck with a lot of ugly unique stuff we
couldn't return."

Ugly unique stuff.

December 20, 2004


A post in the morning! Verily, tis a red letter day, no?

So the poll has changed. We think we have a date, so now we need to know if we have it nearby where it will involve a lot more people, or if we go somewhere and just do it and roll the honeymoon into it and just have a reception later when we get back. No firm decisions will be announced until this April. Why? Ask Ninsi.

Speaking of the poll, I noticed that someone from Tampa voted in the last one. I have no way of knowing who. Maybe it was someone I know, and maybe it was a true random thing. If it is someone I know, they should comment or send me an email or something. I haven't heard from or about any of my Tampa friends in a very long time.

The grand holiday is approaching quickly, and you never really finish getting ready for it. You buy gifts and stuff and wrap and you get most of it done, but there is always something more you could do or be doing, but the day hits, and everyone plays joyfullness and we move along. I've still much to do myself.

The weekend was good. Had dinner with friends to celebrate the eventual nuptials on Friday. Ninsi may have celebrated a wee bit too much. On Saturday, she and I went out with Ruby and her husband to celebrate his birthday. He wanted to go to a strip club, and really, who are we to deny a man his birthday wish?

Sunday was spent goofing, piddlin, and buying a new camera. Best Buy made it as difficult as they could, but I eventually perservered. So, yay me and my new camera. I also got a larger memory card for it, so if I fill up the card with the lowest quality pictures, I think it will hold about 1600. It also barks like a dog.

December 29, 2004


Sometimes, vacations are nice.

I don't think Ive posted since last Tuesday. That means that I should have much to tell. Ninsi has already related the tales of Luna's great adventure, so I need not get into that more. I think when last I wrote, I was awaiting the arrival of Prosper. And arrive she did, last Wednesday. She flew in from Chicago, and when she got here, the wind chill was way sub-freezing, it was snowing, and there was ice in the forecast. She was also wearing a mini-skirt, because well, that is what people from Chicago do when they come to Dallas. Anyway, once we left the airport, we met Ninsi for some lunch, and then piddled around a while before it was time to head to OK.

Ninsi went with us, and we spent over two hours making a trip that should have taken less than one. The roads were just crap though, by this time. We didn't even actually make it to Ardmore. Prosper's brothers were having a little better time of it and met us a few miles into Texas. She called me about three hours later when they finally made it home. I think we saw about seven total wrecks or cars in ditches from the weather. Good times.

Christmas was good. I got a couple things I needed, by sheer serendipity. The Squid made out very well with all her Fruits Baskets stuff, and the new bicycle and motorized scooter were a huge hit for her.

Monday night's dinner with everyone was nice. I have a couple pictures I'll post later (ninsi and i only took about 270 over the course of the weekend), it will just take me some time to get through them.

Some of you may have noticed that Bunny is no longer in the ring. This was done at her request. Her reasons are utterly unknown to me. There is, otherwise, pretty much a reprieve on any deactivations until after the new year.

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