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at the hop

I went to lunch today, as I do most days. When I got to the place where I was eating, I was in line behind a guy I work with. We chatted. The place had a significant line, and I commented that I probably should have gone to the other location, but I wanted to run by Best Buy after lunch. He immediately replied that he had just come from Best Buy, opting to eat afterwards. Fast Forward to post lunch. I got to Best Buy, and as Im leaving, I think I see the car of another person I work with, so I walk back in, and sure enough, they are nosing through video games. I had talked to this person earlier in the day, and they mentioned they had to run 'errands' at lunch. Their errand involved looking at games at Best Buy.

There is nothing real significant in this series of events, except the fact that Best Buy is apparently a very popular lunch stop for people I work with. Myself obviously included.

The sun is low in the sky these days. Since the time change. And now with the passing days, it gets lower, and sneaks into my window earlier. Almost to the point of distraction. I loathe having to lower my blinds, but I may have too. Or scoot closer in to my desk so that the sun is behind the wall. I tend to type while leaning back in my chair a decent amount.

Cast party tonight. Voice actresses shall be present in abundance. Woot!

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whoo, voice actresses.

I'm really jonesing for stories here.


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