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Beginning of the end

Ninsi and I both took a day off from posting yesterday to give everyone a chance to read the news. We'll let it filter on down now. The pendant setting shopping was quite an excursion, but we believe it was successful. We'll know for sure this Friday when I go pick it up again. They called me this morning, and said they could get it done, but the price was a little more than what they had initially guessed. (Who didn't see that one coming?)

In the meantime, I've put up a poll to try to ascertain the best day for us to do the thing. Neither of us are going to vote, because well, ours would actually be the only one that mattered then. And mine, dubiously so.

That pretty much sums everything up. With the Wedding Head level at a constant 7+, not much else gets a chance. It will calm down some, as soon as either some time passes, we make some decisions, or I get too drunk to stand. We all know which option is most likely...

Oh, a rule: If you blog is blank, it gets deactivated. Sorry Knats. Let me know when you have something on it.

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hmmm....august is getting lots of votes...I am tempted now to vote on one or both of the april dates. if anything this poll is helping me to at least know what i don't want

How could anyone vote for August when April is such a perfect month for this kind of insanity..oh, I mean lovely gathering.


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