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A post in the morning! Verily, tis a red letter day, no?

So the poll has changed. We think we have a date, so now we need to know if we have it nearby where it will involve a lot more people, or if we go somewhere and just do it and roll the honeymoon into it and just have a reception later when we get back. No firm decisions will be announced until this April. Why? Ask Ninsi.

Speaking of the poll, I noticed that someone from Tampa voted in the last one. I have no way of knowing who. Maybe it was someone I know, and maybe it was a true random thing. If it is someone I know, they should comment or send me an email or something. I haven't heard from or about any of my Tampa friends in a very long time.

The grand holiday is approaching quickly, and you never really finish getting ready for it. You buy gifts and stuff and wrap and you get most of it done, but there is always something more you could do or be doing, but the day hits, and everyone plays joyfullness and we move along. I've still much to do myself.

The weekend was good. Had dinner with friends to celebrate the eventual nuptials on Friday. Ninsi may have celebrated a wee bit too much. On Saturday, she and I went out with Ruby and her husband to celebrate his birthday. He wanted to go to a strip club, and really, who are we to deny a man his birthday wish?

Sunday was spent goofing, piddlin, and buying a new camera. Best Buy made it as difficult as they could, but I eventually perservered. So, yay me and my new camera. I also got a larger memory card for it, so if I fill up the card with the lowest quality pictures, I think it will hold about 1600. It also barks like a dog.

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yup - it'll bark at you, and it will make a nice banshee wail when you put it on the timer delay. Sound effects were the selling point for me.
That and it's just sooooo cute and tiny. I can fit it in my pocket!

you people realize, that if there is a destination wedding, you're not invited, right? Not meaning to be rude, but destination = immidiate fam only (if any).

I dont think that is necessarily the case. Especially since my family is unlikely to make a destination wedding, I would have to supplement it with friends.

(dont listen to Ninsi, she's not sure what she is talking about with all this wedding stuff)

As long as you're having a reception of sorts on your return, wOOt.

we obviously still have things to work out - I was under the assumption we had already ruled out distination weddings that would require air-travel for your fam.

Sure, air-travel is right out for them, but Im sure my brother would happily drive anywhere between Cape Canaveral and the Aluetian Islands. :)

And you can drive to Mexico! Or Bermuda - then take a boat.

I don't know why, as it's odd for me, but, I really would like to see you guys get married.

AMY, where were you the other night. Havn't seen you in ages. If it weren't for the blogs and comments I would think you didn't exist anymore! Get your ass over to Shady Manor a bit dear! :)

The other night I had to skip due to a prior obligation in Oklahoma...stop giggling. The only other two Manor events I've been invited to since the Tumor, I was sick and/or busy. I'm sure at some point I'll materialize again.


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