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Ryan's is "now hiring cooks & dishwashers start today". Maybe I should look into that to pay for the rock.

Little going on. Fairly slow at work right now. I went to Wal-mart at lunch, which isn't really so bad out here. At least not at lunch. The one near the house is something that can send me into fits of homocidal rage, but the one near work is one of the better examples. Bought a gift for the Squid. Can't say what it is, because she does have this web address, and will occassionally read it. I figure I am mostly done with shopping. I just have to get something for the brothers still. Bass Pro Shop, here I come.

Ninsi decided to stay up most of the night watching stuff we had on DVR. And though she didn't keep me up, I still blame her for my tiredness, because I sure can't blame Gary Busey.

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Ok - I think we're just about to decide on the date of April 1st, 2006. Don't consider anything final until around April of next year. Once we've decided on a location or destination, then we'll nail down a date for sure.


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