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Like it's 1999

Nearly everyone in the office is draggin' ass today. Most of us were out until well after 1 am at the cast party. Some of us still managed to make it to work before 8:30. Nothing much spectactular to tell of it though. Probably a couple hundred people in total. The food was good, especially the sausage. (it was a pasta buffet thing) and the desserts very rich. We all got a pair of drink tickets and used those fairly quickly. But I had a good connection and scored several more before the evening was out.

There was some Karoke. Some people that work here can sing very well. Some of the managers and directors can't. The haves and have-nots all got up on stage in proper karoke style. Ninsi even did a little Time Warp. Several people got totally trashed, and at least one guy tossed his cookies on the way home. At least he wasn't in my car. Another guy got pulled over and had to take a sobriety test. He managed to pass. Both these guys work in my group. Woot.

I managed to sneak Zero in as well. Okay, sneak may be a strong word. He did get to go though, and join in for all the food, free drinks, and festivities. Good as all that was, I think he was mostly agog at the sheer volume of red-headed voice actresses that were present. A man's gotta have his priorities. :)

I should get my shirt for the event sometime next week. Wooga.


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