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Sometimes, vacations are nice.

I don't think Ive posted since last Tuesday. That means that I should have much to tell. Ninsi has already related the tales of Luna's great adventure, so I need not get into that more. I think when last I wrote, I was awaiting the arrival of Prosper. And arrive she did, last Wednesday. She flew in from Chicago, and when she got here, the wind chill was way sub-freezing, it was snowing, and there was ice in the forecast. She was also wearing a mini-skirt, because well, that is what people from Chicago do when they come to Dallas. Anyway, once we left the airport, we met Ninsi for some lunch, and then piddled around a while before it was time to head to OK.

Ninsi went with us, and we spent over two hours making a trip that should have taken less than one. The roads were just crap though, by this time. We didn't even actually make it to Ardmore. Prosper's brothers were having a little better time of it and met us a few miles into Texas. She called me about three hours later when they finally made it home. I think we saw about seven total wrecks or cars in ditches from the weather. Good times.

Christmas was good. I got a couple things I needed, by sheer serendipity. The Squid made out very well with all her Fruits Baskets stuff, and the new bicycle and motorized scooter were a huge hit for her.

Monday night's dinner with everyone was nice. I have a couple pictures I'll post later (ninsi and i only took about 270 over the course of the weekend), it will just take me some time to get through them.

Some of you may have noticed that Bunny is no longer in the ring. This was done at her request. Her reasons are utterly unknown to me. There is, otherwise, pretty much a reprieve on any deactivations until after the new year.

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