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I was at work til about midnight last night, and we shant speak of that any more. Had to get up ass early this morning to take Zero to the hospital by 7 am. He finally got the medi-port. I pretty much shambled through the morning, and picked Zero up again around noon. We're now home, from where I plan to work the rest of the day, if I can succeed in not taking a nap.

On the way from the hospital, we stopped at Wendy's for lunch. They have nice little signs by the registers where you order telling everyone that due to the hurricanes in Florida, there has been a shortage of tomatoes and that such tomatoes will only be provided upon request. Here's my thing with tomatoes... I really do like the taste of a fresh tomoato, but it has to be fresh. My basic rule of freshness for a tomato is that I have to know who picked it, or at the very least, the person I get it from has to know who picked it. No preservatives or anything like that either. So normally, when I go to Wendy's or any restaurant for that matter, and order a burger, I get it without a tomato, because I don't know who picked it, and therefore it will not be fresh enough. So, today, at Wendy's I figured that because the sign said I would have to specially request a tomato, then I wouldn't get one. But the goobs went and gave me one anyway. Bastards.

Another Wendy's observation today about the 'short bus.' There was a bus in the parking area at Wendy's. A big one. And inside, there was a whole passle of handicapp kids. No big deal, but as we left, I noted that the bus was parked longways across ALL the handicapp spaces. That was really the only way it would fit. I figured it was probably okay, since it was carrying the aforementioned passle. But at the same time, it made me realize that the reason the handicapp bus is a short bus is so that it can fit into the handicapp space properly, rather than take up all the spaces. Makes sense now, eh?

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meant to mention that to you when I was at wendy's the other day, but i forgot. i'm still mad at them for taking away the spinache chicken salad.

They had a story on the Wendy's tomato crisis on the Today Show this morning. I kid you not. Matt Lauer congratulated the reporter on "doing a story on fruits and vegetables for four minutes." Apparently the citrus market has not been as affected as the tomato market has been.


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