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I'll get to it. I don't usually blog until after lunch anyway, so give me some time. Got other things to do you know, like fling penguins.

Bought some camoflage last night. Zero and I are playing paintball with some other people bright and early in the morning. I suppose that is for the better. Ninsi is working on her paper this evening, and so isn't able to really go out or join in funtime festivities. So it'll be an evening at home looking for gay porn on the PS2. Funtimes indeed.

So tomorrow is paintball, zombie party, and maybe some drunken zombie killin'. How can you go wrong with all that? You can't, that's how. I think I had some vague rant planned out this morning concerning Major League Baseball, steroids, and cheating fuckheads, but I have largely forgotten it. I'm still outraged, of course, but I'll keep it to myself.

Jessy has moved. She has a new blog, and a new spot in the ring. It's activated, but something is still wrong, so we'll have to get that worked out soon. For the rest of the sphere, heed the scripture Phlome-12:03, "and on the eighth day, He deactivated."

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I was wondering what happened...I went from Halo to Jessy and then back to FHB and was like...huh.


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