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A girl's best friend...

We took a ton of pictures over the holidays. And I had been meaning to put a few of them online since that time. I finally got around to uploading the one that I really meant to put up, the group shot from Zios. It is very similar to the one Red put up just after Christmas, but I think this one is a little better. (obviously, since it was taken with our brand new camera, right?) Anyway, the important thing to note in this picture is Ninsi's diamond pendant. The picture was taken just as the flash went off, and the diamond sparkles mightily. That pic is unmodified. It just flashed that way. Here is just her neck by itself, and here is a slight blow up of it.

And just to break the monotony, here's one of just me and ninsi that I took myself. The pics are pretty much my cop out from blogging for the day, so you best enjoy them. Maybe we'll have some nice fun ones after her bday celebration this weekend.

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I love how that pic turned out. it's just funny. Big flashy white glare on my chest - we couldn't have managed that if we tried!


that's hilarious. the one of just the two of you is really cute too.
phlome, i've been meaning to tell you, even though it's not even remotely important, that they tore down the Ryan's here in town. i just always thought of you when we drove past it and wondered if the signs at various Ryan's were the same. Ours here never seemed as interesting as the one you see from work. I think because their letter changing guys seemed to be working with a full alphabet. hehe...


awe, i LOVE that the necklace blings like that! perfect! and the pic of the two of you is adorable. wish i could come down for the b-day celebration. must. get. to. dallas. more.


Good lord, is that the squid?

Yar, that do be the Squidling thar.


Dang, used to let her swing on one outstreched arm. Bet she couldn't do that anymore; She's gotten tall :)


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