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Can't spell wedding without WE

I think Ninsi has wedding head to such a degree that she is inserting words into my sentances. Specifically the word 'we'. She *claims* that I said we, but I'm fairly sure I did not. She also continues to change her mind with great frequency about exactly what she wants to do. She is hoping that going to a bridal fair or two this weekend will help her to get some better ideas and solidify plans, but I speculate that it will only give her more options and by the end of Saturday, I will have to give her a Tequila IV to get her settled back down.

In other news, crap at work just keeps popping up. Little things everywhere that just seem to not work for unknown reasons. Interdependancies on machines that have no business being interdependant. It may not wear you out, but it sure as Hell will wear one down. If it was before noon, Id opt for a liquid lunch. Instead, I'll have to make do with dinner.


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