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I'll post more later, but this was just to good a link to pass up. Maybe with something like this, we can all get that tail or those wings we daydreamed about when we were kids. Animal-Human Hybrids.

I guess it is later. Dreary day. I ache from racquetball, but that is to be expected. I also am getting hungrier than I feel I should be, and that is not expected. Work has been keeping me busy, so there hasn't been much going on. I've been working on cleaning my bedroom in the evenings and I think that is done now. It actually looks clean and neat. I threw away a bunch of old crap, and finally got around to utilizing some bins that I bought for that expressed purpose. I think I will make Ninsi do the same to hers now. :)

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i always wanted a fox tail when i was little. also, a hoverboard. someone needs to get to work on that.

Actually, you can get a hoverboard. They aren't supercool like in Back to the Future, but they are around. You can buy one, or buy the instructions on how to make one for yourself at home. I've thought about it myself for a while.


They made one on Mythbusters last night out of leaf blower moters and a surf board. Seemed to work pretty well :)

We, as humans, are going to fuck something up here and unleash a deadly virus or something really crazy doing all this un-natural shit.

Tomatoes with cockroach DNA. I can barely touch tomatoes these days.


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