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So I did learn that playing poker at a casino is slightly different than at home. The rules are all the same, but you have to pay attention at least part of the time.

I had never heard the term 'chop' before as it related to poker. But essentially, if everyone around the table folds until only the small and big blinds are left, then those two have the option to 'chop' and they just take their money back and the deal passes on and a new hand is dealt. It is rare that it even has a chance to happen (for the first eight people to fold) so when they asked if I wanted to 'chop' I pretty much said "huh?" followed by "no". I went on to win the hand with a flush, but it was a small victory. Given the cards I did have, I probably would have elected to go for the chop if I had known.

I also made a headache for the dealer in one hand. I was using $5 chips to make my big blind calls of $4. Thus getting $1 back if there was no raise. No big deal, it is common to do that. Someone after me went all in for $4 and someone after that went all in for $5. Not paying enough attention, I thought it was a full raise to $8. I liked my cards enough to stay for that, and put in another $3. So did everyone else that wanted to stay in... So the dealer had to make three piles of chips. One for the first guy that could only win his share from his $4 all-in, a second for the woman that was all-in with her $5, and finally a pot for the rest of us. It was kinda funny.

Fortunately, at the casino, you get a new dealer every 30 minutes.


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